Purchase Surprise Birthday Gift With Give Gift Boutique Hong Kong!

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Our way of celebrating some events and parties now has changed after Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. I have missed a lot of birthday parties during lockdown since we can gather to avoid any dangerous virus spread. 

But thank God, courier service still operating and businesses also can operate just from home and their units but with some conditions restricted. The culture and thoughts of giving hasn’t change throughout the years. In fact, it will be best gestures as reminder of love and sincerity.

Since my Hong Kong pal’s birthday is coming up soon and her business really doing great during pandemic, I really want to give some exclusive and beautiful surprise birthday gift for her. I try to Google and scrolling here and there and found Give Gift Boutique, Hong Kong

Give Gift Boutique is a leading Hong Kong florist and gift shop established on 2008 and have business clients including Disneyland Hong Kong, Citibank, Marriott, Chanel, P&G, FedEx, ING, HSBC, and Prudential. With their experience and list of trusted and professional clients, I guess this birthday gift will boost her up. 

Since she will turn 30 soon and being 30 means being old enough to be comfortable and stable but still young enough so I have decided to order Crabtree and Evelyn Body Care Set. 

This birthday gift include 1 C&E Citron, Honey & Coriander Bath & Shower Gel 250ml, C&E Citron, Honey & Coriander Body Lotion 250ml, C&E Citron, Honey & Coriander Hand Therapy 100g, C&E Tea & Biscuit Set, artistic floral arrangement and the best part is the gift basket which have vintage vibe which suits her preferences as well. 

And this gift comes with the exclusive British Metalic card booklet!

There are a lot of various choices for birthday gifts with 3000 designs crafted in European or Japanese style which quite trendy and premium design to choose. You guys can also choose birthday gift for him as well. Tough this birthday gift quite pricey but I think it is worth the price for a premium product and great customer service. 

I love the fact Give Gift Boutique care for the environment when they chose to use environmentally friendly packaging material and regularly support donation program. So my money will be used for a great cause. 

Since I’m in Malaysia, Give Gift Boutique already have years of experiences of handling international customers so I have no worries when purchasing their product. All payment can be made online since they has setup Payme, Apple Pay, Alipay, Wechat Pay and Fast Payment System FPS for international customer. Convenience much!

Finger crossed Melissa will love this birthday gift as much as I am! 

About Hong Kong Give.Gift.Boutique Flower Shop

- Give.Gift.Boutique. is a leading Hong Kong florist and gift shop serving corporate and individual clients. Stationed with top expat florists from the Netherland and Toronto, GiveGift delivers top quality gifts and bouquets with the latest European/Japanese designs, and friendly professional services. Weekend Weekly and Oriental Sunday magazine, ATV news, TVB program "Living Up", icable, SCMP all have coverage on GiveGift products and services. Top circulation newspaper in HK, Apple Daily, also named GiveGift as a "top 3 flower shop in Hong Kong".

- Give Gift Boutique flower shop is a top online florist in Hong Kong, we concentrate on needs of clients who order flower and send flower online to loved ones in Hong Kong. Close to half of our clients are international, who buy flower and gift to their friends, family or business clients in HK. Our Hong Kong online florist is managed with modernized computer system and all orders and production stages are tracked by barcode, minimizing the chance for mixups and errors in traditional florists. Our florist also features a professional product studio, so photos are taken of all flower and gifts orders, then uploaded online for our clients to see, so they can be assured of the gift quality.

Flower delivery/ Same day delivery in Hong Kong, the most convenient flower shop choice
- Give Gift Boutique florist works non-stop around the year, around the clock, where you can order flower anytime 24 hours. Our friendly staff responds within 30 business minutes, to confirm flower order details. Customers are welcomed to call our Hong Kong flower shop at the HK hotline number (852) 2736 6670 from 9am to 10pm each day. Our HK florist hotline extends to 24 hours during peak seasons. We send flower and gift to all commercial, office, residential districts in Hong Kong, at only $40 delivery charge for most urban districts. We also have pickup service available from any MTR stations, so you can personally deliver the flower and care to your loved ones. We also deliver flower and gifts to restaurants, theme park, bars and other venues in Hong Kong. Same day and urgent flower orders welcomed, our professional flower shop can finish flower production and delivery within 3 hours in many cases. Flower delivery service is available.

Hong Kong Give.Gift.Boutique florist and gift shop:  www.givegift.com.hk 


  1. i am actually scare to beli benda from overseas at the moment ><

  2. dasyat service dia.. orang kat luar negara pun boleh terima gift dari kita.

  3. Alaaa cutenyaa... pestime tau gak ni boleh send gift ke luar negara, boleh try ni..

  4. Bestnya la hai kalau dapat surprise gitu

  5. gift surprise macam ni dah boleh libatkan luar negara. dulu antara keluarg je. kemudian service dalam kawasan. ini dah kerjasama antara negara. hebat betul service

  6. Amboi kemain jauh give gift dari Hong Kong. Mesti harga lebih murah.

  7. Wah! Seronok nyer baca tang Gift Boutique nie. Thank you for opening my world. Happy Birthday to your Hong Kong friend.

  8. Now u dont have to go to Hong Kong to get the gifts you want for yourself or for loved ones.

  9. Cantik-cantiknya gift yang ada, bagus ni untuk buT surprise

  10. Wah.. Lepas ni boleh beli gifts dari HK secara online terus. Senanglah nak buat surprise pada yangvtersayang. Semuanya hujung jari je kan

  11. Perghhh jauh tu dari HK mariii..kalau dapat orang hadiahkan, seronoknyaaa lahaiii... besday Suami dekat ni, boleh gak jenguk..tapi macam dah tak sempat...takpe beli untuk diri sendiri pun best gak ekk..

  12. Lawa2 plak gift. Yg special tu surprise gift dari Hong-Kong lagi. Tak payah bawa bercuti sana. Bawa je hadiah ke sini. Terus rasa berada di Hong Kong

  13. Menarik juga Give Gift Hong Kong ni. Barang barang nya pun nampak menarik. Senang sekaramg kalau nak cari hadiah2..

  14. Sapa tak happy kalau dpt gift dari hong kong, jauh tu bagus service dia

  15. wah.. bagusnya ada website ni.. boleh bagi surprise give dari Hong kong pulak tu.. menarik


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