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Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Collaboration Includes Global Distribution of Major Content Titles from South Korea’s Entertainment Lifestyle Platform Company HYBE on Disney’s streaming services, including 21st Century Pop Icons BTS.

Exclusive Worldwide Premiere of HYBE Content including Documentary Series that Captures Creative Journey of BTS from Debut to the Start of their New Chapter

The Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific and HYBE today announced a global content collaboration that will see both companies working together to showcase creative excellence from South Korea’s music and entertainment industry to the world stage. The agreement includes global distribution of five major content titles from HYBE, which include two exclusive series featuring 21st century pop icons BTS that will launch on Disney’s streaming services.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with HYBE to showcase their original content created with powerful artist IP on our global streaming services including Disney+ Hotstar,” said Jessica Kam-Engle, APAC Head of Content, The Walt Disney Company. “This collaboration represents our creative ambition – to work with iconic content creators and top stars in Asia Pacific so their talent can be enjoyed by mainstream audiences in multiple ways. We believe these new titles will captivate consumers worldwide and look forward to introducing more music content on our service.”  

“This will be the start of a long-term collaboration, where we present worldwide audiences a wide range of HYBE content for fans who love our music and artists,” said Park Ji-won, CEO of HYBE. “The Walt Disney Company has a long history of franchise building and promoting musical artists, with its unparalleled brands and platforms.”

Three of HYBE’s projects coming to Disney’s streaming services include:

“BTS: PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA”: This exclusive cinematic 4K concert film features BTS’ live performance in Los Angeles’ Sofi Stadium in November 2021. Performing Billboard hit songs “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” this was the first time in two years since the pandemic that the band met fans in person. 

“IN THE SOOP : Friendcation”: An original travel reality show with a star-studded cast including V of BTS, Itaewon Class’ Seo-jun Park, Parasite star Woo-shik Choi, Hyung-sik Park, and Peakboy. The program features the five friends venturing on a surprise trip and enjoying a variety of leisure and fun activities.  

“BTS MONUMENTS: BEYOND THE STAR”: This original docu-series follows the incredible journey of 21st century pop icons BTS. With unprecedented access to a vast library of music and footage over the past nine years, the series will feature the daily lives, thoughts and plans of BTS members, as they prepare for their second chapter. The docu-series will be available exclusively on Disney’s streaming services next year.

This strategic collaboration will allow Disney to introduce a series of new titles from HYBE over the next few years, as the entertainment platform continues to produce high-quality content based on its music and artists IPs.

KOREAN STARS KICK BACK IN NEW TRAVEL REALITY SHOW “IN THE SOOP : FRIENDCATION” STREAMED EXCLUSIVELY ON DISNEY+ HOTSTAR | Featuring Park Seo-joon, Peakboy, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik and V from BTS, this spin-off travel reality series gives viewers an up close and personal look at the lives of five celebrity friends as they unwind away from the spotlight.

This summer, prepare to kick back and relax alongside some of Korea’s biggest stars as they shrug off the stresses of global fame and head to the country for a surprise trip in IN THE SOOP : Friendcation, coming to Disney+ Hotstar July 22.

Starring Park Seo-joon, Peakboy, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik and V from BTS, IN THE SOOP : Friendcation gives audiences a close look at the lives of these five celebrity friends, as they step away from their busy everyday lives to unwind together in a relaxing surprise trip.

Hidden away from the world, this brand-new travel reality series shows the friends taking time to enjoy nature and indulge in their favorite pastimes. Throughout the course of the four-episode series, viewers will get to see the stars relax over a well-earned break away from the pressures of day-to-day stardom.

Slated to be released weekly on Disney+ Hotstar from July 22, IN THE SOOP : Friendcation is a spinoff of the IN THE SOOP series.

IN THE SOOP : Friendcation is the latest series to join the ever-expanding library of endless entertainment available on Disney+ Hotstar. Fans of K-Pop can also enjoy BLACKPINK THE MOVIE today. Created as a love letter to BLACKPINK’s fan club - “BLINK” – BLACKPINK THE MOVIE features an insider’s look at the group’s two most recent tours as well as exclusive interviews with band members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa as they recount some of their favorite and most intimate memories from their whirlwind first five years.

Fans of Korean culture and captivating storytelling can also enjoy a wide range of riveting Korean dramas on Disney+ Hotstar, including the edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller Grid, about a shadowy figure who once saved humanity but who has now been identified as an accomplice to murder; Link: Eat, Love, Kill about a world-famous chef who has a breakdown in front of his customers and is forced to revisit his traumatic past and the mysterious disappearance of his sister; Soundtrack #1, about unrequited love between two close friends; Rookie Cops, a campus romance drama that follows the lives of a group of reckless freshmen at the Korean National Police Academy; as well as the breakout sensation Snowdrop, starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, in a story about a university student who goes against her family and her country to help the man she loves.

IN THE SOOP : Friendcation will stream exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar from 22nd July 2022.

About Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia

Disney+ Hotstar is the dedicated streaming home for global and Malaysian hits. It brings together blockbuster Hollywood movies and award-winning content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, FX, 20th Century Studios and many more, which also includes exclusive premieres and blockbusters from leading Malaysian studios. 

Available on compatible internet-connected devices, Disney+ Hotstar offers commercial-free programming with a variety of original feature-length films, live-action and animated series, short-form content and documentaries, including titles such as Hawkeye, The Book of Boba Fett, Eternals, Shang- Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, Encanto, Turning Red and Moon Knight. Disney+ Hotstar also features an extensive library of highly acclaimed local language content from Asia Pacific, such as Snowdrop, Rookie Cops, Soundtrack #1, Ejen Ali, Upin & Ipin, J2: J Retribusi, Kisah Cinta Kita and more.

Chukahae Disney~!

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Bulan lepas dapat parcel pink dari Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia tapi bulan ni baru nak cerita sebab baru settle makan semua sajian manis yang bertemakan drama Korea. Kenapa Disney+ bagi parcel ni? Sebab Disney+ nak berkongsi kegembiraan bila streaming platform yang baru datang ke Malaysia ni dah berjaya dapattempat di hati peminat drama Korea. 

Sebelum ni Disney+ Hotstar bawa Snowdrop dan Soundtrack No. 1 untuk tayangan eksklusif dan kedua-dua drama mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan. Snowdrop sampai sekarang masih lagi trending. Jadi Disney+ Hotstar bawa masuk lebih banyak drama Korea untuk peminat drama Korea. Drama-drama tersebut mempunyai pelbagai genre dan barisan pelakon hebat juga. 

Drama tersebut ialah Doctor Lawyer, Bloody Heart, Link : Eat, Love, Kill, Kiss Sixth Sense dan Going to you at the Speed of 493KM/H. 

1. Bloody Heart 

Raja yang memimpikan bentuk pemerintahan monarki sepenuhnya agar dapat bertahan hidup, Lee Tae (Lee Joon) percaya bahwa segala cara yang diambil pemimpin negara adalah mutlak dan dibenarkan. Ia juga tidak ragu untuk mengambil alternatif yang melanggar undang-undang atau cara yang tidak jujur. Lee Tae harus meninggalkan wanita yang dicintainya (Kang Han Na) untuk bertahan dalam hidup. Drama fiksyen sejarah ini mempunyai 16 episod. 

2. Doctor Lawyer

Mengisahkan tentang seorang ahli bedah ternama Korea yang dipenjarakan dan hilang lesen perubatan kerana pesakitnya meninggal dunia tanpa diduga. Peristiwa tersebut membuatkan Han Yi Han (So Ji Sub) memilih bidang yang baru. Dari bidang pengacaraan, dia dapat kekuatan untuk bela diri lantas bekerjasama dengan kekasih pesakitnya, Geum Seok Young (Im Soo Hyang). 

3. Link : Eat, Love, Kill

Tukang masak terkenal, Eun Gye Hoon (Yee Jin Goo) mendirikan sebuah restoran yang mana restoran tersebut merupakan titik lokasi hilangnya saudara kembar dia pada 20 tahun yang lalu. Eun mendirikan restoran tersebut dengan harapan jika memang saudara kembarnya masih hidup, dia mempunyai tempat lokasi terakhir untuk kembali. 

Anehnya, dia mendapati dirinya mengalami emosi secara spontan menangis dan ketawa, dan ternyata ia adalah emosi seorang wanita bernama Noh Da Hyun (Moon Ga Young).

4. Kiss Sixth Sense

Drama yang diadaptasikan dari webtoon ini menceritakan kemampuan Hong Ye Sul (Seo Ji Hye) yang dapat melihat masa depan melalui sebuah ciuman. Cha Min Hoo (Yoon Kye Sang) pula seorang bos yang gila kerja dan berhati batu. Meskipun begitu, Cha Min Hoo memiliki instinct 10 kali ganda lebih tajam dari orang sekeliling. Deria keenam dia juga merupakan faktor kejayaan utama dalam kerjaya. 

5. Going to you at the Speed of 493KM/H 

Kisah cinta antara pemain badminton Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-hyun) dan Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop) di dalam acara beregu. Tae-yang kembali ke Seoul untuk memulakan semula pengembaraannya dalam suka badminton kerana beliau pernah digelar sebagai ‘si genius badminton’ dan merupakan calon sukan olimpik. Namun dia terpaksa berhenti kerana dikatakan memberi rasuah kepada pegawai pertandingan.

Antara drama yang nampak menarik mesti lah Doctor Lawyer dengan Link : Eat, Love, Kill sebab I suka genre mystery, crime atau thriller. Drama yang lain pun menarik jugak sebab jalan cerita ada keunikan tersendiri. Tersengih lebar masa baca kad ucapan dari Disney+ Hotstar ni sebab kreatif betul perkenalkan semua sajian pemanis dalam kotak merah tu. Happy bila buka kotak sebab cantik. 

Setiap dessert yang ada ni melambangkan setiap drama yang ditayangkan dalam Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia. Nampak tak kek vanilla ada lambang bulu tangkis tu? Haa yang tu haruslah untuk drama Going to you at the Speed of 493KM/H. Cantik kan? 

Dessert yang paling sedap sekali, kek berry dari drama Bloody Heart. Kek dia dah la cantik siap dengan kelopak bunga sebagai penyeri, rasa dia pun sedap. Tak puas makan sebab kecil je saiz dia. Yang Kiss Sixth Sense tu pun sedap jugak sebab I suka makan kacang merah. Makan sejuk-sejuk memang sedap!

Terima kasih Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia sebab berkongsi kegembiraan dengan I jugak. Makin bertambah semangat nak layan semua drama ni dekat Disney+ :)