Stop And Stare

Friday 1 November 2013

Assalamualaikum people. :)

Ever stop at a crowded place and watch how people busy doing their things? Just sit for a minute will do. You can see kindness, love, smiles, rudeness, anger, frown, sadness and lots of people's behavior and act. Observing their interaction with other people, their body language and facial expressions. Guessing their perfume's brand or adore their fashion. It's fascinating.

I don't quite remember when this start. I was exhausted and sitting on a bench alone while waiting for my friends done with their shopping. I look around me. It's so crowded. I saw a happy family and in my mind, I wish that was my family. Not because I'm not happy with my family but I wish my family was there at that time with me doing family stuff. So, I sat there a little longer and watch others. Happy kids playing. Lovers argue over childish things.

Watching some happy moments makes me smile. Embarassing moments will makes me laugh. But lots of time when I'm observing, I have watched people with bad attitude. All I can do was feel sympathy for them because own so many negative vibes.

People watching can helps an author to get a story for her books, a film director to create a scene or new characters for his story or an artist get an inspiration to start draw on his canvas or maybe for a singer to make a song or for an ordinary people like us learn about life. An actual life.

Here's some tips to do this activity. You simply can't do this when you're not in crowded place. It will turn out to be nature watching. When doing this, stay unobtrusive. People maybe misthought you as some stalker or scary pedophile because nowadays so many bad things happen. So, try prevent that with eating or reading or maybe you can wear sunglasses but please don't wear it when you're in mall or indoors. Looks stupid and you're not even a famous celebrities. Just keep it low. This activity can be fun if you have a partner. Laugh together and share toughts can be awesome and deeply connecting friendship ritual is it?

That's all I guess. Till then, happy watching guys. :)

Felt In Love

Thursday 31 October 2013

Assalamualaikum dearest people!

I love handmade stuff. I love to create something with my own hand using my own creativity. That's what I want to share with you guys about my hobby. I start this when I was kid, I build a stronghold with cushions. I create my own robot with clippers and so on. You guys for sure do the same things when you guys we're kids because kids love to create and explore the world. When in secondary, I start making card instead of buying em whenever I want to give it to someone. I love it so much because I am able to produce my own and I want them to realize I put a lot of effort on that. Even it was just a card but it gives deep meaning isn't it? I'll use anything to decorate my cards.

Google own this
I still do this things until now. I love it so much. Another thing I love to do is handmade brooch. It's become a trend  nowadays when girls falls in love with cute stuff like this. It quite easy though and it's super cute. Even if you're not an expert when it comes to sewing, you still can create one.You can decorate it the way you want with buttons or beads.

I made these! :)

Before I start doing this brooch, I search for lots of  tutorial video because I can't follow the steps shown in pictures. I go to youtube and search all kind of handmade brooch. Starting from the easiest one till the hardest from any material types they use. Some of them use felt material while some of them use lace or ribbons  and others use remnant fabric. Using remnant fabric is the best because the source easily found and doesn't cost much money. Ribbon is the hardest because it's smooth and hard to shape. I fail to make a rose from ribbon. After I've tried for how many times, I've done it but it's ugly. Serious talk. 

Google own it. :)

I also have made a patchwork blanket. It's super hard and took me a week to finish it but the result made me smile from ear to ear. But to compared it with my aunt's work, mine was a disaster. But I'm glad my family use it because it's comfort and warm. I myself love to sleep with it rather than normal blanket because my previous home was located at Felda. The temperature at night was super cold and we had to use thick blanket to prevent us from shivering. We don't even use fan at night. I remember when we use two thick blanket because that night it was raining heavily. 

Google :)

Here some tutorial video for handmade brooch. Hope you guys enjoy doing this and maybe who knows you guys can even makes money from this. I did once and it was worth it! :)

Others, you can search at youtube. Just type anything you want which related to this handmade brooches. Goodluck in creating a cute one! Till then, have a nice day :)


Sunday 27 October 2013

Assalamualaikum people. :)

I'm not one the owner of a DSLR. Walking around with it hanging on your neck. No, definitely not me because I don't have one. I just love photoghraphy so much. Pictures can give 1000 meanings to us. What my hobby is, collecting pictures. I have tons of it in my folder. I collect it from many sources. Facebook, Google, Flickr, We Heart It but most of them comes from Tumblr.

Just type any label you want and many pictures related will appear. I usually will search for weddings, travel, animals, places, quotes and DIY. I start this hobby at 2010 when I love anime so much and start searching for the fictional character's pictures as collection. As time goes by, I change my collection to these types of pictures and develop it more when I owned Tumblr account. But, Tumblr is quite heavy to load and requires strong network connection thus makes me rarely open it. But when I open this site I can't stop and I don't even realise how much time I spent for it.

I share my hobby with my younger sister when actually we develop this hobby together. She have her own collection and I have mine. Sometimes, we will exchange our collection. It such a great feeling when you see an amazing pictures. Without words, it shows a story. Whatever people find the story was, it's depends on their side of view.

That's all about my favourite hobby. Stay smile and create your own memory. Till we meet again, readers :)


Assalamualaikum people.

Nature and places. Their beauty silence me and worship our creator more and more. It's been one of my dreams to travel around the world. Get a passport, grab a bagpack and lovely clothes and go wherever I want to. London, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Rome, Italy, Brazil and I can keep listing all places for entire day cause I'm eager to go out there and watch the culture, foods, view, religion and so on. Everything!

Since little, my dad love to brought us everywhere just to create great memories and visited places. He loves nature as much as I did. I think I took some of his genes and spread it to me. Haha. I envy my dad because he had been like everywhere in this country. He got a happy face with a nice scenery and places and yes, with some nice people. Every pictures he had have their own meaning. 

I have that kind of pictures too but not as much as my dad because I didn't really have that chance. I once thought, I want to be like western people which travel other country, visit all places, have part-time jobs to make some money and travel another country and keep repeating till they're done. It seems nice to have a life like that. I had a dream to travel in my caravan with camera in my hand and yes, a journal to keep those memories alive. 

I love the idea when young people fill up their times with go travel and go for adventure rather than waste their money at shopping mall buying CD's collection of Korean singer or spend their money duplicating their idol from top to toe or busy pleasing their partner with this or that stuff. Why don't they go for a trip and get new experiences? Learn some and dig more.

'Please be a traveler not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people and look beyond whats right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.' - Andrew Zimmern
I will travel the world. I will. Night people and dream about great places. :)

Let's Be A Character

Saturday 26 October 2013

Assalamualaikum people.

'A room without books is like a body without a soul.' - Cicero

Reading. One of my favourite since I was kid. My mom helps me a lot in explaining this and that. Helps me to read, to learn new words. And my dad, of course did help me. He buys all the book. I mean, money comes from him, is it? ;)

I love a book with thriller genre, motivation, science-fiction, biography or maybe based-on-true-story.  I rarely read lovey-dovey novels because it just fantasy. After all, where it will lead us to? Fake happiness? Sorry, it such a waste journey. Some people treat books as their escape from reality, from problems. Be a character. Be in author's mind who will lead us to the end of journey. 

'Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home.' - Anne Quindlen

Back then when I was working at Parkson, every month I will spend some money for Indie books. I love their writing. I don't spend much for English novels because they're so expensive. I once buy lots of English novel with my books voucher. Totally worth it. Sometimes I just read it online. But now, Android got apps for book-readers out there. Amazing isn't it?! I just pick what books I want and read them everywhere. But of course the most important thing, I have find network connection first before my happiness grows.

These are my collection but it just half of it. I haven't finish reading them yet so I brought to Segamat. I love to read the author's blog too. You see the book with 'Awek Chuck Taylor' tittle on it? I know the author. The one with schizophrenia illness. He is such a great guy. His brain full with history and fact. He remember every story, date, places and names so well. I loves to read his tweets and blogs because I can learn so much. His books of course have lot of facts and facts and facts. He such a great inspiration. I also follow Twitter twt_buku. Always come up with an amazing curator every week and suggestion for great book. For a book lover, it is a must to have them in your following list.

Till then, enjoy your reading and have a nice day. 

Watch Over My Town, Will You?

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Assalamualaikum people.

I plan something today but it did not work the way I want it. I got stressed over this thing. If this happen I just open up my lappy and find an important file in my laptop. GAMES.

When I was younger, I got addicted to this thing. I guess I got my dad's gene. In his free time, he play games. He loves to play Tumblebugs. The one we have to shoot same colour of bug to release them from evil bug. Yeah, that one. I always beat his score. It just two of us will conquer the highscore list. If this week he got to be on top, next week I'll beat him with higher score. And it goes on and on till I got my own games.

I love to play time-management, racing and adventure games because it's quite fun and I love the speed. I once played fighting games but I stopped because my finger become swallow pressing the keyboard so hard just to win the battle. It much better if I had Play Station so my finger don't have to suffer much. When I want to relax or chill a little bit, or in my term, to train my brain I'll choose word-searching games, scrabble or build word games. Quite fun tho!

Click here to play ;)

When I was a newbie at Facebook, I didn't know what to do with my page then someone invite me to play games. I play all of them then I got bored and remove them from my page but just one game I didn't treat it same like the others. I play Cityville because I can be a mayor. Who don't want to be a mayor. You can rule your own town. Do whatever you want and buy anything and decorate it as you imagine all this while.

My dad once said

Why don't you become a game designer since you love to play them so much? At least you have a job based on what you love to do. It'll turn out great.
I got so excited when i heard those lines but when I grew up and I think I'll just keep my hobby as hobby. I figure out another job that suits me well. It's kind of hard to be a designer because I'm not born with a great left brain. I just want to be a user in my life not a creator. But I'm just glad because my dad don't think my interest as a wasteful activity like my mom did. After all, we share the same interest. For sure he know what it feels like.

Till then, take care and have a nice stress-free day :)

Oh Mom, Please!!

Assalamualaikum people.

How come I get inspired at this late hour? You don't want to sleep eh brain? Pfft.

This post actually from the previous one where I wrote about my western cuisine and stuff. Earlier I did mention about how much I love western than Malay cuisine right? I did but honestly I grew with Malay cuisine in my mouth. How can I survive if I had to chew western dishes everyday? Nay! This tummy need rice!! Need sambal belacan tempoyak to burp proudly!

Drooling already. -.-

Lot of dishes I learn from my mom because she have lots and lots of tips and secret weapon. To master the Malay cuisine you must know how to menumis. Some people put ikan bilis, some of them put ginger while some just let the onion and garlic do the job. I don't understand why people use ajinomoto and seasoning such as 'Maggi Cukup Rasa' because without this additional ingredients, your dish still the best. Ajinomoto contains MSG is it? Enough with the name, you guys know the effect.

Malay cuicine have lots of spices and ingredients and sometimes I just put what I want in my pot. Like Chef Wan always said,

Just throw it what you want. Just throw it.

For Malay cuisine, I love to cook chicken soup,blackpepper and curry. Actually, only these two dish I master so far. You know, my mom, she have a big trust issue with me when it comes to this part. Because of that, I can't cook at my home. I just told her what I want in my menu. Just that. Sad life? I know.

If western I have list down the problems, here I want to do the same because you'll kow why I can't expert in this thing.

  • Took long time to finish  even only one dish. If you use meat, you have to wait for long time. You can't use big heat cause the inner side still raw while the outer already cooked. For dish using spices, you have to cook it longer because for sure you don't want your tummy feel pain. 
  • Too oily or salty. Sometimes I have to put lots of oil and salt to make it tasty like curry. I know it's bad for health but that's the way to do it since our ancestor years. 
  • Tons of calory inside one dish. Coconut milk is one of the cause but nowadays people got the substitute for this which is replace it with fresh milk. I never try it yet because I don't have any great chemistry with milk since I was kid. For people who on diet, Malay cuisine definitely not on their plate.
But above all problems, none of them matters if you already in love with all the dishes because our Malay cuisine is tasty even the tourist love it. But don't eat our dish at 5 star hotel or restaurant because they want to make the dish become international so much till they don't realize they already ruin the taste. How pathetic.

For you guys out there who have same passion with me, you guys can download My Resipi apps in your smartphone or you just can google it. Lots of recipe you can search at that website.

Till then, enjoy your meal and happy cooking! Ketang ketung ketang! 

P For Pot, P for Pan. Where Is My Skillet?

Monday 21 October 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ;)

Most of boys love playing footballs even they didn't know how to, they still watch and support their favourite team. Well, for the girl cooking is their choice. Often we see girls at kitchen bake their favourite cupcakes, instagram their moist chocolate cake, blogging their recipe. So do I, eventhough I love watching football more than being at the kitchen but the happy feeling I got when everyone love my dishes was unfogettable!

I love to cook western dishes than Malay cuisine because it is so simple and you dont have to mess your head with lots of ingridents and step to do it and most important is, it's yummy and healthy because we can put herbs without ruin the taste. I love to watch AFC channel at ASTRO because of their creative chef and dish. When I watch it, I jot down every recipe so I can do it in my free time. If I don't confident to do it, I'll watch Youtube and follow step by step. It's not easy tho at first but yeah, I managed it well.

Even western is easy but sometimes I have problems to cook it such

  • Hard to find the ingredient. Because of my house located at rural area, I have to find at many places for it because there were no big supermarket such Giant, Tesco or Aeon BIG. I even buy it in bulk because stock is limited. Luckily, the herbs can be used for months even it come in small package. 

  • The ingredients quite expensive because it is imported such as cheese, vinegar and herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, italian herbs). Because of this, I don't cook many dish and my skills are limited. I have small wish, I'll buy all the herbs and plant it at my backyard. Whenever I want to use it, I just pluck and put into my pot. Like all chef done in their cooking show.
  • Too many non-halal ingredients in their recipe so I haven't figured out yet the substitute for all of them. I have watched a documentary about non-alcohol wine but I still don't know if we can ever use it since it's not intoxicating.

But still, I can cook without having problems because I love potatoes and soup. So many recipe I can cook and share it here. Here are some videos that will show their cooking skill for western food.

Okay, other recipes you can google it or watch it at Youtube. Enjoy ;)

The Next Silver Surfer

Assalamualaikum and happy Sunday guys!

As I mention in previous post, this blog was about my hobby. So, this entry is about one of my hobby which is surf the Internet. I spend a lot of my time into it. It started when my belated father taught me how to use computer and Internet and that time I was only 7 years old. My dad told me to interact with people using chat site. I don't quite remember about that site. For a little kid like me, chatting with a stranger who's older a lot than me makes me questioned everything and slowly I just become an observer than a user.

I got bored and I switch my activity. Because of my love towards Bollywood, instead of chatting, I follow gossips about my favourite industry. At that time, what else can I do with computer and Internet? I turn on computer to use paint and sketch whatever I want. Even it looks rubbish, I still proud with myself because of childish nature. Haha me but kid's world work that way is it?

As I grow up, the technology becomes greater. I know a lot about Internet, I can chat with whoever I want to. I make lots of friend at social site. I play games online, watch movies or drama I want, gain knowledge and so on till I once thought I don't need anything else, I just want Internet connection. If you threw me somewhere far, in the jungle maybe or stranded island, I don't care as long I have Internet. I think I should marry it. But that was only my thought. Immatured thought. But still, me and Internet is like bestfriend forever.Maybe I'll be the next silver surfer at my golden age. Not the one in the Fantastic Four, God please.

Till then, take care guys. Night. :)

Mind To Intro?

Thursday 17 October 2013

Assalamualaikum and Happy Eid Adha for all of you guys. ;)

First of all, to make great bond you have to know about the owner is it? Well, let's start with introduction about myself. This daddy's little girl have been using Nurain Farhana binti Mohd Jafri as her name which brings beautiful meaning, 'the light of joy'. From my character, you guys surely can see how my name effects my entire life. Being a happy-go-lucky person bring smile to others, ain't it?

Born on 03rd September 1991 makes me a little bit old from the other classmates because most of them was born on 1994 and that's makes them 19 years old, while me already 22 years old. What a big gap! I was born at Kedah Darul Aman but been raised at Johor,Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Perak because my father works as soldier cause him to transfer so many times. When people ask, 'hey where did u come from?', I'll definitely answer

I'm  nomad. I don't know where is my origin place. LOL
In my family, there is me, my mom, 3 younger sister and 2 younger brother. My dad already passed away last year due to his sickness, diabetes and high blood pressure. We try to adapt our new life without him. Hard at first but we slowly learn. My mom is a full-time housewife or should I say domestic engineer? ;)

Our last picture together with beloved dad. :')

I have a lot of hobby that I want to share with you guys and because of that, the main purpose for having this blog as our assignment for MGT417 subject.

That's all I want to write about myself. Till then, have a nice day everyone. Take care ;)