P For Pot, P for Pan. Where Is My Skillet?

Monday 21 October 2013

Assalamualaikum guys ;)

Most of boys love playing footballs even they didn't know how to, they still watch and support their favourite team. Well, for the girl cooking is their choice. Often we see girls at kitchen bake their favourite cupcakes, instagram their moist chocolate cake, blogging their recipe. So do I, eventhough I love watching football more than being at the kitchen but the happy feeling I got when everyone love my dishes was unfogettable!

I love to cook western dishes than Malay cuisine because it is so simple and you dont have to mess your head with lots of ingridents and step to do it and most important is, it's yummy and healthy because we can put herbs without ruin the taste. I love to watch AFC channel at ASTRO because of their creative chef and dish. When I watch it, I jot down every recipe so I can do it in my free time. If I don't confident to do it, I'll watch Youtube and follow step by step. It's not easy tho at first but yeah, I managed it well.

Even western is easy but sometimes I have problems to cook it such

  • Hard to find the ingredient. Because of my house located at rural area, I have to find at many places for it because there were no big supermarket such Giant, Tesco or Aeon BIG. I even buy it in bulk because stock is limited. Luckily, the herbs can be used for months even it come in small package. 

  • The ingredients quite expensive because it is imported such as cheese, vinegar and herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, italian herbs). Because of this, I don't cook many dish and my skills are limited. I have small wish, I'll buy all the herbs and plant it at my backyard. Whenever I want to use it, I just pluck and put into my pot. Like all chef done in their cooking show.
  • Too many non-halal ingredients in their recipe so I haven't figured out yet the substitute for all of them. I have watched a documentary about non-alcohol wine but I still don't know if we can ever use it since it's not intoxicating.

But still, I can cook without having problems because I love potatoes and soup. So many recipe I can cook and share it here. Here are some videos that will show their cooking skill for western food.

Okay, other recipes you can google it or watch it at Youtube. Enjoy ;)

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