Watch Over My Town, Will You?

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Assalamualaikum people.

I plan something today but it did not work the way I want it. I got stressed over this thing. If this happen I just open up my lappy and find an important file in my laptop. GAMES.

When I was younger, I got addicted to this thing. I guess I got my dad's gene. In his free time, he play games. He loves to play Tumblebugs. The one we have to shoot same colour of bug to release them from evil bug. Yeah, that one. I always beat his score. It just two of us will conquer the highscore list. If this week he got to be on top, next week I'll beat him with higher score. And it goes on and on till I got my own games.

I love to play time-management, racing and adventure games because it's quite fun and I love the speed. I once played fighting games but I stopped because my finger become swallow pressing the keyboard so hard just to win the battle. It much better if I had Play Station so my finger don't have to suffer much. When I want to relax or chill a little bit, or in my term, to train my brain I'll choose word-searching games, scrabble or build word games. Quite fun tho!

Click here to play ;)

When I was a newbie at Facebook, I didn't know what to do with my page then someone invite me to play games. I play all of them then I got bored and remove them from my page but just one game I didn't treat it same like the others. I play Cityville because I can be a mayor. Who don't want to be a mayor. You can rule your own town. Do whatever you want and buy anything and decorate it as you imagine all this while.

My dad once said

Why don't you become a game designer since you love to play them so much? At least you have a job based on what you love to do. It'll turn out great.
I got so excited when i heard those lines but when I grew up and I think I'll just keep my hobby as hobby. I figure out another job that suits me well. It's kind of hard to be a designer because I'm not born with a great left brain. I just want to be a user in my life not a creator. But I'm just glad because my dad don't think my interest as a wasteful activity like my mom did. After all, we share the same interest. For sure he know what it feels like.

Till then, take care and have a nice stress-free day :)

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