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Thursday 31 October 2013

Assalamualaikum dearest people!

I love handmade stuff. I love to create something with my own hand using my own creativity. That's what I want to share with you guys about my hobby. I start this when I was kid, I build a stronghold with cushions. I create my own robot with clippers and so on. You guys for sure do the same things when you guys we're kids because kids love to create and explore the world. When in secondary, I start making card instead of buying em whenever I want to give it to someone. I love it so much because I am able to produce my own and I want them to realize I put a lot of effort on that. Even it was just a card but it gives deep meaning isn't it? I'll use anything to decorate my cards.

Google own this
I still do this things until now. I love it so much. Another thing I love to do is handmade brooch. It's become a trend  nowadays when girls falls in love with cute stuff like this. It quite easy though and it's super cute. Even if you're not an expert when it comes to sewing, you still can create one.You can decorate it the way you want with buttons or beads.

I made these! :)

Before I start doing this brooch, I search for lots of  tutorial video because I can't follow the steps shown in pictures. I go to youtube and search all kind of handmade brooch. Starting from the easiest one till the hardest from any material types they use. Some of them use felt material while some of them use lace or ribbons  and others use remnant fabric. Using remnant fabric is the best because the source easily found and doesn't cost much money. Ribbon is the hardest because it's smooth and hard to shape. I fail to make a rose from ribbon. After I've tried for how many times, I've done it but it's ugly. Serious talk. 

Google own it. :)

I also have made a patchwork blanket. It's super hard and took me a week to finish it but the result made me smile from ear to ear. But to compared it with my aunt's work, mine was a disaster. But I'm glad my family use it because it's comfort and warm. I myself love to sleep with it rather than normal blanket because my previous home was located at Felda. The temperature at night was super cold and we had to use thick blanket to prevent us from shivering. We don't even use fan at night. I remember when we use two thick blanket because that night it was raining heavily. 

Google :)

Here some tutorial video for handmade brooch. Hope you guys enjoy doing this and maybe who knows you guys can even makes money from this. I did once and it was worth it! :)

Others, you can search at youtube. Just type anything you want which related to this handmade brooches. Goodluck in creating a cute one! Till then, have a nice day :)


  1. aQ nk try wat la....ngn resepi kt bwah tu...lapo plak tgh2 mlm ni...hu3...aQ suka sha! truskan!!Nice!!!

  2. aQ nk try wat la....ngn resepi kt bwah tu...lapo plak tgh2 mlm ni...hu3...aQ suka sha! truskan!!Nice!!!


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