Oh Mom, Please!!

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Assalamualaikum people.

How come I get inspired at this late hour? You don't want to sleep eh brain? Pfft.

This post actually from the previous one where I wrote about my western cuisine and stuff. Earlier I did mention about how much I love western than Malay cuisine right? I did but honestly I grew with Malay cuisine in my mouth. How can I survive if I had to chew western dishes everyday? Nay! This tummy need rice!! Need sambal belacan tempoyak to burp proudly!

Drooling already. -.-

Lot of dishes I learn from my mom because she have lots and lots of tips and secret weapon. To master the Malay cuisine you must know how to menumis. Some people put ikan bilis, some of them put ginger while some just let the onion and garlic do the job. I don't understand why people use ajinomoto and seasoning such as 'Maggi Cukup Rasa' because without this additional ingredients, your dish still the best. Ajinomoto contains MSG is it? Enough with the name, you guys know the effect.

Malay cuicine have lots of spices and ingredients and sometimes I just put what I want in my pot. Like Chef Wan always said,

Just throw it what you want. Just throw it.

For Malay cuisine, I love to cook chicken soup,blackpepper and curry. Actually, only these two dish I master so far. You know, my mom, she have a big trust issue with me when it comes to this part. Because of that, I can't cook at my home. I just told her what I want in my menu. Just that. Sad life? I know.

If western I have list down the problems, here I want to do the same because you'll kow why I can't expert in this thing.

  • Took long time to finish  even only one dish. If you use meat, you have to wait for long time. You can't use big heat cause the inner side still raw while the outer already cooked. For dish using spices, you have to cook it longer because for sure you don't want your tummy feel pain. 
  • Too oily or salty. Sometimes I have to put lots of oil and salt to make it tasty like curry. I know it's bad for health but that's the way to do it since our ancestor years. 
  • Tons of calory inside one dish. Coconut milk is one of the cause but nowadays people got the substitute for this which is replace it with fresh milk. I never try it yet because I don't have any great chemistry with milk since I was kid. For people who on diet, Malay cuisine definitely not on their plate.
But above all problems, none of them matters if you already in love with all the dishes because our Malay cuisine is tasty even the tourist love it. But don't eat our dish at 5 star hotel or restaurant because they want to make the dish become international so much till they don't realize they already ruin the taste. How pathetic.

For you guys out there who have same passion with me, you guys can download My Resipi apps in your smartphone or you just can google it. Lots of recipe you can search at that website.

Till then, enjoy your meal and happy cooking! Ketang ketung ketang! 

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