The Next Silver Surfer

Monday 21 October 2013

Assalamualaikum and happy Sunday guys!

As I mention in previous post, this blog was about my hobby. So, this entry is about one of my hobby which is surf the Internet. I spend a lot of my time into it. It started when my belated father taught me how to use computer and Internet and that time I was only 7 years old. My dad told me to interact with people using chat site. I don't quite remember about that site. For a little kid like me, chatting with a stranger who's older a lot than me makes me questioned everything and slowly I just become an observer than a user.

I got bored and I switch my activity. Because of my love towards Bollywood, instead of chatting, I follow gossips about my favourite industry. At that time, what else can I do with computer and Internet? I turn on computer to use paint and sketch whatever I want. Even it looks rubbish, I still proud with myself because of childish nature. Haha me but kid's world work that way is it?

As I grow up, the technology becomes greater. I know a lot about Internet, I can chat with whoever I want to. I make lots of friend at social site. I play games online, watch movies or drama I want, gain knowledge and so on till I once thought I don't need anything else, I just want Internet connection. If you threw me somewhere far, in the jungle maybe or stranded island, I don't care as long I have Internet. I think I should marry it. But that was only my thought. Immatured thought. But still, me and Internet is like bestfriend forever.Maybe I'll be the next silver surfer at my golden age. Not the one in the Fantastic Four, God please.

Till then, take care guys. Night. :)

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