Stop And Stare

Friday 1 November 2013

Assalamualaikum people. :)

Ever stop at a crowded place and watch how people busy doing their things? Just sit for a minute will do. You can see kindness, love, smiles, rudeness, anger, frown, sadness and lots of people's behavior and act. Observing their interaction with other people, their body language and facial expressions. Guessing their perfume's brand or adore their fashion. It's fascinating.

I don't quite remember when this start. I was exhausted and sitting on a bench alone while waiting for my friends done with their shopping. I look around me. It's so crowded. I saw a happy family and in my mind, I wish that was my family. Not because I'm not happy with my family but I wish my family was there at that time with me doing family stuff. So, I sat there a little longer and watch others. Happy kids playing. Lovers argue over childish things.

Watching some happy moments makes me smile. Embarassing moments will makes me laugh. But lots of time when I'm observing, I have watched people with bad attitude. All I can do was feel sympathy for them because own so many negative vibes.

People watching can helps an author to get a story for her books, a film director to create a scene or new characters for his story or an artist get an inspiration to start draw on his canvas or maybe for a singer to make a song or for an ordinary people like us learn about life. An actual life.

Here's some tips to do this activity. You simply can't do this when you're not in crowded place. It will turn out to be nature watching. When doing this, stay unobtrusive. People maybe misthought you as some stalker or scary pedophile because nowadays so many bad things happen. So, try prevent that with eating or reading or maybe you can wear sunglasses but please don't wear it when you're in mall or indoors. Looks stupid and you're not even a famous celebrities. Just keep it low. This activity can be fun if you have a partner. Laugh together and share toughts can be awesome and deeply connecting friendship ritual is it?

That's all I guess. Till then, happy watching guys. :)

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  1. keep it up. susah nak dapat blog yang buat entri fully english. :D


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