6 Shows On Disney+ Hotstar To Match Your Valentine’s Day Mood

Friday 10 February 2023

Experience love, tragedy and solidarity this Valentine’s Day with Disney+ Hotstar. Whether you are looking for an epic romance, a sisterly love, or a heart-wrenching tearjerker, here is a list of shows to celebrate this special day with your loved ones on Disney+ Hotstar.


Sent into a downward spiral after discovering her father’s infidelity, Woojoo’s situation goes from bad to worse when her father unexpectedly dies and his mistress kicks her out of the house. While she plans her revenge, Woojoo has no clue that she will fall in love with Dongjin, the son of the woman who ruined her life. Catch Call It Love on Disney+ Hotstar from February 22.


In honor of the 30th anniversary of the animated classic, this animated and live-action blended special showcases the fan-favorite movie, along with new musical performances by Josh Groban as the Beast and H.E.R. as Belle, sets and costumes inspired by the classic story.


An exceptional police officer in every sense, Iman is recruited to join an elite anti-corruption special forces team led by her father, Commander Qabil. Specially created to solve only the most dangerous criminal cases, Iman’s entry into the team sees her uncover a planned heist on Bank Tenggara by a violent criminal gang known as Azazel, seemingly led by a man called Umar. 

As Iman closes in on the gang, her team is caught in a standoff, leading to shocking revelations that will leave her faced with an impossible choice. Get ready to feel inspired by Iman and her partner Sara, as they navigate a world that is often unfair to women. Catch this dynamic duo with your gal-pals on Disney+ Hotstar.


Part Two of Season 3 picks up in the aftermath of Rizwan’s surprise appearance during the chaos at the Cyberjaya Science Centre. As the Arena competition continues to evolve, Ali struggles to adapt yet again while the remaining competitors eye the top four spots in the final challenge. Meanwhile, the shadowy figure, Cero quietly sets his play into motion and unleashes the Numoros’ explosive attack on M.A.T.A. Celebrate platonic love as you watch how Ali and his friends grow and motivate each other to be their best selves.


Mendua, the Indonesian adaptation of “Doctor Foster”, starring Adinia Wirasti, Chicco Jerikho and Tatjana Saphira, tells the story of a happily married woman of 15 years who suddenly begins to suspect that her husband may be having an affair. But what starts off as a fleeting thought becomes an obsession. Watch what happens on Disney+ Hotstar.


Following the suspicious death of her twin brother, Ok Chanmi, a shooting athlete, takes the extraordinary step of transferring to her brother’s school in an attempt to uncover the truth and find out why the police and school authorities seem to have covered up his death. Driven by her love for her brother and a need to understand what happened, Chanmi will partner with another student, Ji Suheon, to exact revenge by proxy on those who bully others. Catch them both on Disney+ Hotstar to see what triggers their feelings to develop.


  1. semalam melayan disney hotstar dengan kengkawan, marathon 5 movie terussss..tapi horror movie lahh hahaha

  2. Revenge of others tu asyik tak dan je nak tengok.. huhuhu..


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