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Wednesday 15 February 2023

Kalau tengok live ataupun content videos dari TREASURE mesti dapat kutip quotes dari diorang. Bukan setakat dalam lirik lagu yang didendangkan saja malah kehidupan seharian juga penuh dengan kata-kata semangat. Maybe that's why I feel attracted to stan this group? Or maybe it's DESTINY ;)

Saja share quotes dari TREASURE untuk future reference TEUMES and non stans juga :)

1. 'If you feel like you have to do something really hard, it will only make you feel pressured, so do something like you usually do in a normal way you do. - Park Jihoon

2. 'We either fail at something new or succeed making a new discovery' - Yoon Jaehyuk, Treasure Map Season 1

3. 'Sometimes giving up is important too.' - Kim Junkyu

4. 'Let's do our best, even if it's hard.' - Takata Mashiho

5. 'Wish hard and it will become true.' - Yoon Jaehyuk

6. 'If you're nice, people will come to you.' - Hamada Asahi

7. 'You are born to be loved' - Kim Doyoung

8. 'It's about taking various challenge over and over again to achieve your dream.' - Park Jeongwoo

9. 'You can rely on other people but the person you can rely the most is yourself.' - So Junghwan

10. 'Hard work will never betray you' - Choi Hyunsuk

11. 'If you don't give up, you will definitely be able to do it.' - Kanemoto Yoshinori

12. 'Don't listen too much to people who wants to bring us down.' - Choi Hyunsuk

13. 'Luck is also important but I believe that luck only comes to those who work hard.' - Park Jihoon

14. 'In order to become what do you want to be, sometimes you have to let go of something.' - Kanemoto Yoshinori

15. 'No matter how difficult the situation, do not forget to always spread happiness to others.' - Kim Junkyu

16. 'Giving joy to others is the greatest gift to oneself.' - Takata Mashiho

17. 'Human are scarier than ghost.' - Hamada Asahi

18. 'Even if we don't make it big at first, I want to grow little by little.' - Bang Yedam

19. 'No one can be perfect. Sometimes you can be unique, cute, creative, happy and passionate.' - Kim Doyoung

20. 'Stop thinking everything too much, you are breaking your own heart.' - Watanabe Haruto

21. 'Just because your rank is higher, doesn't mean you are more expert.' - Park Jeongwoo

22. ' Take some time to rest and recover.' - So Junghwan

23. 'Just because your process is longer than the others, doesn't mean you are a failure.' - Park Jihoon

24. ‘If it’s difficult, I think you need to stay calm/stability of your mind because when you’re having a hard time and if you still have to continue doing it, you might in the state of darkness that cannot be turned back so don’t be like that. It’ll be good to have some healing time and we can meet healthily. Take care of your health and mentally too. Fighting!!’ – Choi Hyunsuk

25. Slump meets people who have a desire. This means that you’re working really hard, that you will go through a slump. You are doing well.’ – Kim Junkyu

26. ‘Though I haven’t lived that long, attachment of love, living while taking care of others or not hurting others is difficult for me too but if you try to live like that, you’ll be blessed.’ – Park Jihoon

27. ‘Ten people’s one step is more important than one person’s ten steps.’ – Bang Yedam 

28. ‘Life can be hard but I’m here. You don’t need to lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. I will keep supporting and giving you strength, so don’t worry. Run ahead and everything will be fine.’ – Kim Junkyu

29. ‘Do what you like but you cannot always do what you like.’ – Kim Junkyu

30. ‘Crying in hardship is nothing. Smiling in hardship makes you win.’ – Park Jihoon

31. ‘If you can’t be the best, be the worst.’ – Kim Junkyu

32. ‘So when you are alone, try to make that time to reflect on youself and think of it in more positive way then that loneliness can be more happier. Happiness is the most precious thing in life.’ – Bang Yedam

33. ‘If you want to make your dreams come true, you need to have a strong thought. Try something challenging. It sounds easy but you can’t do it with an uncertain heart.’ – Watanabe Haruto

34. ‘If you’re having a hard moment please say it because keeping it by yourself is very difficult.’ – Choi Hyunsuk

35. 'In my opinion, I do love it if you keep on rooting for me until the end. I do like it if that you want to look only at me, of course I love that! But this is just my personal wish, I hope that you would put yourself first before us. I'm really really thankful that you're cheering on me but I hope that you would do choices that is good for yourself. For the things you want to get and achieves. Of course, I do have the greed of having a lot of fans who will cheer for me until the end but… I think I will hate it even more if my fans would lose their own life just to root us. I want Treasure Makers to put yourself first, and the second would be your parents or anyone important around you. Third should be TREASURE!’ – Park Jihoon

36. 'Even though studying is not everything in life, you have to do what you have to do.' - Park Jihoon

37. 'The secret making your dreams come true is never give up because if you give up you won't have chance.' - Park Jihoon

38. 'All the pain will make you grow up.' - Park Jihoon

39. 'Don't stress over things you don't have a control with, no matter what results is you did your best.' - Park Jihoon

40. 'Some items may not be useful to someone but it could be someone else's treasure too.' - Bang Yedam

41. 'Teume~! before you go to bed, make sure to always look back on your day. it’s important to take a little bit of time and look back on the positive, sad and every feelings you felt throughout the day. Be on time wherever you go.. make sure to value and cherish everything that naturally passes by in your life.. ' - Yoon Jaehyuk

p/s : quotes masih tertakluk pada context ye, please don't apply to everything everywhere all at once. 

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