Junhoe iKON for Dazed Magazine

Saturday 23 October 2021

Excited bila Twitter penuh dengan gambar Junhoe dalam majalah Dazed keluaran November 2021. Happy bila Junhoe dapat featured dalam majalah ni sebab photographer dia pro habis. Dia tahu konsep yang sesuai dengan subjek dia. Sebelum ni Junhoe pernah muncul pada tahun 2018. Konsep untuk edisi kali ni adalah pemuisi dan Junhoe adalah idol star pertama yang featured untuk Dazed Text. 

Dazed : "DAZED TEXT" is a content to introduces one's own literary composition. When I started this project, I thought of Ju-Ne without hesitation. Do you still love poetry and continue to write poems?

Junhoe : Yes, of course. I  still write it constantly. However, I didn't have much time to read these days, but I'm trying to make time to read again. But for writing poetry itself, I still do it constantly. 

Dazed : It's not easy to release and read your own  literary composition publicly, and you did it. I'm curious about how you feel about today's shoot.

Junhoe : We filmed with the concept of a poet. The concept itself was really fun. It was also impressive to use books, vending machines and various props. I think the fans will really like it. 

Dazed : You also had a lot of worries about reading poems. Please introduce the poem "Truth".

Junhoe : Truth, which I wrote a few months ago, is about God. You know as you read, I wrote it when I thought that we took things we couldn't miss as things we couldn't see. We could only believe things that could be seen as we could confirm it, and we might get tempted. Whereas things couldn't be seen are easily be missed because they couldn't be seen. I thought that the part shouldn't be missed is something couldn't be seen.

Dazed : Then what are the things that could be seen and couldn't be seen for Junhoe?

Junhoe : Things could be seen are faces of people each by each, someone else's words, it could be the temptations that you feel. I think things couldn't be seen are trust and love.

Dazed :  Your literary composition comes from your own experience. 

Junhoe : Yes, that's right. I think I usually write based on my experience as a foundation too. That's why they're all different. Because the feelings and contents are different every time. That's how human emotions are. I tend to change my emotions frequently. I think that's why I've been able to write tirelessly and persistently somehow. 

Dazed : Then, what role does writing play to Ju-Ne?

Junhoe : I think it's simple. It's a release. There are often times where I feel relieved as I write. When my feelings are getting more intense, I do write words that hold those feelings. It feels like that feeling is dissolved well. And if I'm satisfied with the work I've written, strangely, those strong feelings will be calmed by the thought that I've made a good piece. As I said, it's a way to release.

Dazed : In the last interview with "DAZED", you said you wanted to publish a collection of poems. You're going to publish a book. What kind of title do you want to come up with?

Junhoe : Hmmm, I think I need to think more. I think it'll be a sentence that can represent me, but I can't decide yet. I think I can do it if I think about it a little bit. 

Dazed : Have you thought about the theme of the book?

Junhoe : I think the theme is my various emotions. And what I wrote has a chameleon tendency. There is a poem I wrote with the influence after reading Haruki Murakami's novel, and a poem I wrote with the influence after reading Ki Hyung-do's poem book. That's why my style of writing poem is different.

Dazed : There is also an introduction to the author at the beginning of the book. I wonder how you want to introduce yourself if you publish a book. 

Junhoe : I'd like to introduce myself as a person with sensitive basal ganglia. People with sensitive basal ganglia are said to be sensitive to insecurity. This kind of insecurity and the peacefulness that comes afterwards are reflected in words. When people read my book, will it become an opportunity to look through the life of a writer who has sensitive basal ganglia? (Laughs)

Dazed : I feel in you the robustness that comes from nowhere. And in that, there are subtle feelings. What are your thoughts recently?

Junhoe : These days, I think a lot about the new passion. So I think a lot about this and that. Meanwhile, I'm trying to reduce these thoughts. I have a lot of useless worries and concerns, but they are rather unnecessary. The more I think about it, I'd have more and more thoughts and it would flow towards a bad direction. So I'm trying to reduce those thoughts and think simple. 

Dazed : Then, Ju-Ne, what comforts you?

Junhoe : Walking. Walking is incredible. When I'm frustrated, I walk about 10-12km. When I walk while listening to music and thinking about this and that while moving my body, my worries disappear like a lie, and my mind feels clear and purified. I got consolation from it directly. 

Dazed : What music do you listen to when you walk? 

Junhoe : I think it's different every time. Normally after 1 or 2 hours, I will rather listen to classical music that have no lyrics because of unclear mind. I feel good as I listen to classic music because I feel like I'm in a movie scene. As such, it seems like I imagine a lot as I walk. 

Dazed : It seems like your worries and thoughts resonate deeply on the stage too. Especially the song 'Spark' that you sang on Kingdom : Legendary War, I still remember it. I'm looking forward to your solo activities. 

Junhoe : I want to release my feelings with music through the solo album if there's an opportunity. Not only that, but I also want to take on the challenge of acting. Currently I'm interested to acting and I'm taking acting class and I'm on my way of preparation for acting project. As I took acting lessons I found that acting is really fun, and I usually enjoy watching movies too. 

Dazed : What is the movie that you're deeply impressed by as you prepare for acting?

Junhoe : I'm deeply impressed by the movies Die Bad and The City of Violence. Because I'm a kicking prodigy. (Laugh) I'd like to take on the challenge of action film genre too. I think I'd be really grateful if I get to act. And I'm also Ryoo Seung-wan director's fan. 

Dazed : You guys showed various stages that makes iKON's charm could be felt on Kingdom : Legendary War. iKON's unique and strong energy is standing out. What is the hint for iKON's comeback?

Junhoe : First of all, we want to make a comeback as soon as possible. There are few shortlisted songs. I think we will probably make comeback when we've sorted out those songs. 

Dazed : Finally, what kind of person do you want people to remember you as?

Junhoe : A person who gives positive energy. I want to be a person who gives good influence. 

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