Monday 6 November 2023

It's enough already, but we know it'll shine more anew. More pictorials and articles can be found in <Dazed> Fall Edition.

Selfie Folder TREASURE for DAZED

1. Choi Hyunsuk 

People say that there's always an end when there's a beginning, but I hope there's no end for Treasure. I will promise that on our 3rd anniversary, for the next 10, and even 20 years later.

2. Park Jihoon

We have many goals in my life. There is a big dream to be a singer, and there are detailed plans

3. Kanemoto Yoshinori

I grew up listening to a lot of different types of music. I hope that my music, which has been influenced by that kind of influence, becomes a new style for YG. 

4. Kim Junkyu 

It definitely made me want to do better. But as time went on, I felt like I had to do better and improve. So lately, I've been practicing letting go of that greed. Since there are failures, there are also successes. So I guess you have to enjoy failure.

5. Yoon Jaehyuk 

I want to get closer to my fans year by year. Wouldn't it be okay if I saw you more often? In fact, the activity period has overlapped a lot with the pandemic. Now I have to show you more.

6. Hamada Asahi

When I look at the members, I feel like I’ve grown up, but actually I’m still young. I have to be a better adult. Even though I have become an adult, I still want to protect my children’s hearts.

7. Kim Doyoung 

I won't give up, even if it's tough, because I don't think I've reached the goal I want to achieve yet. Personally, I have a goal for which I strive for perfection, but it's hard to express. I want to hear people say, 'Treasure is recognized, 'They are cool, and They are artists we trust’.

8. Watanabe Haruto 

I find peace of mind by looking at happy people. It was nice just looking at it. I'm also grateful for my happiness. I'm happiest when I'm on stage. I'm just thankful that there are people who like our songs. I don't dream of a particular happiness. I'm just happy right now.

9. Park Jeongwoo

Actually, the Hyungs must have been busy, but it's not easy to take care of the other members. Each of us takes care of everything.

10. So Junghwan

I'm happy to be able to record myself at that age. I want to continue to be a person with good balance. I want to do anything above average. There's nothing you can't do. These days, I do much of my homework by myself to develop and improve.

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