Tuesday 3 January 2023

1) Choi Hyunsuk 

Lovely treasure makers everyone!!! Happy new year~~ 2022 was so happy that I can count it in my hands and I was so grateful that there’s teume in every moment!! There must some difficult parts, but I’m thankful for teume’s generous and unconditional love. πŸ₯° in a way, it may be like a cloud but we all live with great hope despite that!! And!! I hope teumes are happy, and I hope that everyone who is important to you are also happy! 2023 TREASURE!! We will come back with more growth/developments!! Really like we always say we will show you cool TREASURE! See you soon! Happy New Year to all of our teumes!!! 😍😍😍 ah to my family too 

2) Park Jihoon

Our Teume 2022 was able to finish well thanks to all of you. I am always sorry and thank you again. Please take good care of me in 2023. I love you! ❤️ 

i feel like i wasn’t able to greet you well at the end of 2022. to me, it was a very meaningful year. there were a lot of good things, new things that we attempted and things that we did for the first times. there were a lot of good things, but there were also stuffs that took us a while to get through. there were a lot of sad things as well. i’m not saying this in a bad way, but i think it was a very complicated year. still, thank you so much for helping us wrapping the year well even though it was complicated for everyone. it was a long but short year, but as i go through this and that, all the goods and the bads, you can say it was a year where i had mixed emotions? 

our treasure makers too, you guys were the ones with us, feeling happy during our happy times and feeling sad during our hard times. that’s why i hope that 2022 was a really happy year for everyone. and i also hope that only happy things will happen to treasure throughout the entire 2023. you know what i mean, right? you’ve worked hard in 2022.. we’ll work harder so that your support towards us won’t be in vain.

lets work hard! us as the singers too, and you guys as the fans as well. lets work hard together. lets give strength towards each other. fighting!!! πŸ‘

3) Kanemoto Yoshinori

Happy New Year TREASURE MAKER πŸ’–


Please take good care of me this year too 🌟 

4) Kim Junkyu

Treasure Maker, Thank you for 2022, please take care of me for 2023 too, I will always support you as well!

5) Yoon Jaehyuk

Everyone, 2023 has come. In 2022, I was able to see many Teume people in person, and I was so happy to think that there were more times to breathe together. In the future, I will sincerely pray that only happy things will happen to you. I hope that even if something is difficult for you, you can overcome it with ease😊 Please stay with our Treasure in the future too. I'm happyπŸ€— Happy New YearπŸ™‡ 

6) Hamada Asahi

Thank you for your hardwork in 2022 (^_^)

7) Kim Doyoung

our teume! even in 2023 we treasure pls give us lot of love. me too will continue loving you. treasure will be by your side. let’s be healthy in 2023. i love you~ 

8) Watanabe Haruto

2023 Happy New Year!πŸ¦‹ Happy New Year! looking forward to our relationship! πŸ¦‹

9) So Junghwan

you worked really hard in 2022 too, and I hope everyone will be happy in 2023. thank you always, everyone~❤️

"I'll take out the old memories,

I'll take it out and see what made me happy,

Perhaps forever

I think I'll bury it, take it out for the last time" - Hold It In, TREASURE

Me : 2022 left a very beautiful and precious memory as Treasure Maker. I've decided to stan TREASURE since March 2022 and appointed myself as streamers. Though we have a heartbreaking moment during November with Bang Yedam and Takata Mashiho sudden news of leaving but I still have 10 members whom keeping our promise to walk flowery path and holding on facing any turbulence in life. We're going slowmotion, remember? 

And after everything that we went through, 2023 will be the year to join this blue ocean with my Teume moots! Can't wait to scream like monkey during Jikjin and shout dururu hoy when TREASURE sing HELLO in Stadium Melawati Shah Alam soon! Stay happy and healthy TREASURE and TREASURE MAKER! 

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