The Most Watched Indian Series in 2022

Monday 2 January 2023

The advent of streaming platforms has changed our viewing habits. With streaming services, you can binge shows without the interruption of ads. The growth of streaming platforms and their subscribers worldwide has been massive, and India is not an exception, especially in the past years. 

Domestic streaming platforms carried most of the market share in the past because of their extensive catalog of original Indian series and movies. Hotstar, MX Player, Voot, Zee5, and ALT Balaji were leaders in the streaming world of India. It’s no surprise, then that international streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video started after releasing Indian content, Netflix and Prime Video became massively popular. 

Disney + Hotstar is one of the most popular platforms as it streams Hotstar Originals. The owner is a subsidiary of Star India, a  Walt Disney Company. Another platform with a massive collection of series, movies, and classic old Sony serials is SonyLiv. Zee5 is one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms in India, with original content, TV shows, and music videos. There are also Voot, TVF Play, Aha, Sun NXT, ALTBalaji, and Hungama Play.

According to Express VPN’s blog piece, popular Indian series that people loved to watch in India during 2022 were:

1. Aranyak

This Netflix show about two officers is situated in the fictional Himachal Pradesh town of Sironah. They are trying to solve the case of rape and murder of a teenage girl who came to the town while on vacation with her mother.

2. Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

In this Disney + Hostar crime show, a brilliant super-cop, Rudra Veer Singh, is resolving cases on the streets of Mumbai. He is pursuing a suspect who ends up in the hospital in a coma.

3. Aashram

The story of this MX Player gem revolves around a godman, Baba Nirala, whose followers have blind faith in him and will do anything he asks of them. However, he is actually a con man who takes his devotee's wealth.

4. Anupamaa

The viewers can enjoy this show on StarPlus. It is a story about a Gujarati homemaker Anupamaa Shah. The story revolves around a Gujarati homemaker Anupamaa Shah. Some of her family members berate her for her self-sacrificing nature. Anupamaa sacrificed a lot to become a devoted wife and a loving mother, only to be disrespected in return. After the bitter realization, she sets out to live on. 

5. Kaun Banegi Shikharwati

The plot of this Zee5 show revolves around a former king still living in his royal residence to trick his four estranged daughters into coming back to him. However, he’s broke and owes the Indian government a significant amount of unpaid property taxes.

The future of streaming services in India

The war between Pay TV and the streaming industry is real. Availability of choice will change how content is created and distributed. Streaming services will provide new opportunities for broadcasters to grow their reach. 

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  1. tak pernah lagi tengok siri indian. Biasa layan filem je.


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