Wednesday 19 October 2022

Deepavali is right around the corner! Are your favourite snacks prepped? Guest rooms aired out and extra mattresses laid out? It's finally time to celebrate with the people you care about most.

Keeping your friends and family well-fed with delicious food and sweets is a must during this time, but don’t forget to have a ready list of shows to watch while everyone is around. Picking the right TV series can make or break a family session. Not sure where to start? Try out these Disney+ Hotstar series – we guarantee they will light up your day.


Nothing beats some good music and amazing performances on Deepavali, and Bigg Boss Jodigal brings the best of both worlds in this highly competitive dance competition. Actress Ramya Krishna, actor Nakhul Jaidev and actor-choreographer Sathish Krishnan play the judges as 8 pairs of contestants battle it out to win the grand title.


It’s not a family get together if questions about marriage and relationships aren’t brought up. Try  diverting away any unwanted attention with Korean reality dating series Pink Lie instead. Hosted by Korea’s biggest names, Kim Heechul, Lee Sunbin, Song Wonseok and Ralral, this series sees a group of young people with a hidden secret put into a house with the sole goal of finding love.


If the food at home isn’t whetting your appetite enough, Cooku with Comali is a wholesome show to get the family ready for a big meal. Judged by Chef Damu and Chef Venkatesh Bhat, celebrity chefs get paired up with comedians and amateur cooks in each episode as the teams battle it out to win the grand prize.


A blend of reality series and fantasy, The Quest is the perfect show to get everyone immersed. Eight young people are thrust into the fantastic and fictional world of Everealm, where they must save a Kingdom by fulfilling an ancient prophecy.


Celebrity relationships pose an impressive image, but will they hold up when put to the test? Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai pit renowned celebrity couples against each other as they’re put through a series of challenging and hilarious tasks in order to win the coveted title.


Being curious is part of the human experience, so when The Kardashians offer us a glimpse into the lives of the glitziest celebrities in Hollywood, it’s impossible to resist taking a peek. The series returns for a second season with a behind the scenes look into Kourtney and Travis’ grand Italian wedding, followed by Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson fizzling out, and a multimillion dollar lawsuit. The show is sure to get everyone gathered around the TV screen as The Kardashins spill all – from love to life in the spotlight.

Any of these shows piqued your interest? There’s so much more to choose from on Disney+ Hotstar. Just be sure to get your watchlist ready before everyone settles in for some Deepavali fun. 

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