Wednesday 26 October 2022

Bring out the pumpkins and dust off your costume because it’s finally Halloween again! In honor of the spooky season, we have prepared a list of spine chilling shows that are sure to scare. Get ready to sleep with the lights on! 


Lock the doors and hide your children because the Sanderson Sisters are back! In the town of Salem, best friends Becca and Izzy are ready to start their yearly birthday/Halloween tradition but have inadvertently resurrected the family of witches. Fueled by rage and witchcraft, the Sandersons are on a mission to take revenge on the whole town of Salem. Now it’s up to Becca, Izzy and Cassie to stop the sisters… and maybe learn one or two spells along the way.

This fantasy comedy sequel starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.


Death, blood, the macabre and gore, American Horror Story has it all with 11 different seasons for you to immerse yourself in. From haunted houses to an asylum, summer camps and cults, American Horror Story explores subversive modern horror tales in every setting. Pick your favourite and let the terror unfold.

Check out stars like Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange and Evan Peters in American Horror Story on Disney+ Hotstar.


Ready your running shoes, because Zombitopia will have you planning your escape route in the event of a zombie apocalypse! This Malaysian horror thriller follows the story of a group of humans who have managed to survive the initial virus outbreak as they now struggle to stay human. Be sure to catch local stars Sharifah Amani, Bront Palarae and Shaheizy Sam in Zombitopia.


This Indonesian movie teaches us the importance of listening to our elders. Six friends are warned not to cross the forbidden bridge, but as the story goes, they do not listen to their elders and strange things start to happen. Find out what happens when a mysterious dancer starts showing interest in the group.  


Another spooky show that hits close to home is Ada Hantu. This Malaysian movie features a YouTuber named Alif. He gathers some friends at an old abandoned bungalow that used to be occupied by the Japanese Army during World War ll for his birthday and his friends decide to play a prank on him. What could possibly go wrong? Find out what happens in Ada Hantu.


Want to get into the spooky spirit without the ghosts? We highly recommend the final season of The Walking Dead. After 11 seasons of chaos, fighting, surviving and love, it’s all coming to an end. Get your zombie apocalypse kit ready, but make sure you’ve packed tissues because we expect tears. Catch familiar and new faces in their final fight and tune in to see how their final days play out. 

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