The Beauty and Rich History of Orchard Road, Singapore!

Wednesday 28 April 2021

 Living in Selangor with the status of MCO then currently changed to EMCO and big possibility will be changed back to MCO is quite stressful yet dreadful. Especially for essential business workers like me because we have to go to work as usual when everybody else enjoying their WFH. Maybe not so enjoy but still, some of them did. 

I swear I pray to God at least 10 times a day for EMCO or MCO to end as soon as possible or just poof miraculously disappear! But hey who am I kidding with, reality is just hard to digest even with the digestive pills. We need to jab our body with vaccines first so then we can hooray later. I really want to hooray in Singapore because of their Changi Airport. Not just Crazy Rich Asian movie tempted me but Tik Tok as well! Or maybe enjoy the beautiful sunset panorama at Merlion statue and continue watching light shows like Crane Dance at Marina Bay.

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Singapore is among those countries that have quite a rich past and magnificent architectures in the present which never fail to amuse me whenever I see or read about those. Did you know during 1819, many gambier estate owners plant their trees in Orchard Road then converted them to nutmeg plants since gambier drains the soil. Gain profit for several periods but did not last long due to disease in 1957 and wiped out all nutmeg trees there. Farmers plant other trees to adapt and survive thus the area was named Orchard Road until now. 

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There’s a lot of national heritage with such beautiful classic architecture to visit like SMA House, Cathay Cinema, Red Cross House, MacDonald House, Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, House of Tan Yeok Nee, Winsland House II, Cuppage Terrace and so on. At the same place also, I can visit new and mixed architectural building like The Heeren, iconic Wheelock Place, Tangs Plaza, Lucky Plaza, Knightsbridge Mall, Orchard Central, Orchard Gateway. 

I can say Orchard Road is just like another Malacca and most of the residents here are Peranakan! If you read one of my old entries, I have mentioned their amazing vertical hydroponic garden in the city area. Watching and learn about this innovation will be a priceless experience for me.  

As for the accommodations, I'm looking into Carlton Hotel Singapore or Mandarin Orchard Singapore. Both have good reviews and the price range. And after some study and reading reviews, I'll go for Mandarin Orchard Singapore because it’s a little bit cheaper than Carlton Hotel Singapore.

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Pssttt, the Mandarin Orchard Hotel also one of the historical buildings located there with exquisite interior for the tourist. And due to that, they also use Malay language so it is easy for me to converse and feel welcome. I guess after the pandemic is over it’s just the right time to go to Orchard Road, Singapore because hotel price will crazily dropped. To have fun at this historical place with economic budget is like living my dream to the extend I can scream yeayyy! 


  1. Teringinnya nak pergi! Lawat historical place di negara orang, mesti best kan!

  2. belum ada chance nak pii spore, teringin sgt2

  3. Lawa dan klasik betul bangunan dia..


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