Feeling Beautiful with feelingirldress!

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Looking for beautiful dresses and cheap price is not easy. Now due to covid-19 pandemic, we can’t even try any clothes so the best way is to shop online instead. Save your time and money while satisfying all your fashion, clothing and accessory needs by visiting feelingirldress where you can shop till drop! 

Xiamen Hexin E-Commerce Co., Ltd. started in 2011. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, research, and development, production and sales, with cross-border e-commerce as its operating model. The main products are adult costumes, corsets, shapewear, chemises, babydolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies' panties, men panties, sexy garter sets, dresses, sexy stockings, and sexy leather collections. 

Huge benefit when you guys do online shopping here because of these 9 wonderful reasons!

1. Delivery Lead Time- Send out your parcel within 2 working days after receiving your payment.

2. Quality Guaranteed - Professional quality controllers to supervise the production to make sure quality is the best.

3. Various Styles - More than 4000 different models in stock to catch the market demand and every inventory will be updated in time.

4. Order Requirement - No MOQ requirement, you can mix your order freely.

5. Advance Tech - Global leading professional manufacturing of sexy lingerie, the factory was built in 2005.

6. Product Quality - With QC to check the quality of the goods, and also if bad quality, you will get refund.

7. After-Sales Service- Keep tracking customer parcel's situations.

8. Personality Service - OEM/ODM order are warmly welcomed.

9. Compensation - Any product problem, we will make compensation within two business days after confirming your payment.

Enough reason to shop at feelingirldress.com! Just check out their cheap shapewear black friday sales now because so many attractive designs for you which comes in every sizes. Heck even designs for pregnant women also available here. Feels hot and beautiful at any stage in your life. 

Not to mention the payment system also great. I just chose one khaki cape sleeve from the blouse wholesale promo because the design looks lit and vogue. Perfect for my casual wear and the sizes are available until XXL. No pressure at all when shopping here. So just add to bag and checkout. You can pay with Paypal or credit card and your order is ready to ship with selected courier service. Easy peasy! 

Do visit feelingirldress website and view Feelingirldress sales 2020 for great promos, beautiful apparel or sexywear to wear. Don’t forget to add any coupon available when checkout. Happy weekend shopping everyone! 


  1. wow bestnya ada pelbagai pilihan tu

  2. mesti rasa macam gegirl aje kalo pakai baju2 dari website dia ek..

  3. this is so nice!!! i love it! thank you sharing

  4. Woww, that's nice, tq for sharing sis

  5. cantiknya! nanti nak suggest dkt my mom or sisters untuk beli yang macam ni manalah tahu kot diorang pun berminat. nampak menyakinkan!

  6. Dah tengok kat website dia. Banyak pilihan .website pun kemas je.senang nak cari apa kita nak.

  7. terima kasih share ya, nampak macam satu laman web yg menarik, bolehlah saya suggest dkt mak & kakak saya untuk berbelanja disini. :)

  8. That's so cool. I've been looking for new places to shop for clothes. All this while, I've only been using Shopee and Lazada.

  9. Eh yang seluar shape tu menariklaaa, Sis nak share kat kawan yang jenis shape pear, sian dia nak cari seluar agak susah sebab punggung dia besar..thanks tau..

  10. Banyak pilihan agak menarik... Berkenan yg seluar tu.. nampak smart dan kemas lps pakai

  11. Macam best je. Nak usha web dia kejap laaa dgn adik nur sorang ni. Tq share

  12. cantik blouse tu! I wanna buy from feelingirldress.com too and get dressed up to be cheer up

  13. Wah... Cecantik laaa design dia! Kita baru terjah intai web dia.
    Rambang mata seyhhh.. Dah terbeli beberapa helai. HAhaaa

  14. this is so interesting with the variety of choice they give !

  15. Senang sekarang ini, beli online je.. Pilihan pun banyak dan harga berpatutan..

  16. cantik-cantik design blouse semua.. boleh pilih saiz dan cara bayaran pun mudah juga.,.

  17. Great! I love feelingirldress too


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