T5 for W KOREA Vol.8

Saturday 7 October 2023

TREASURE announced their comeback with an album, ‘REBOOT’. About a month before that, the five members So Jung-hwan, Junkyu, Ji-hoon, Yoon Jae-hyuk, and Doyoung started warming up as the unit T5. Just as a gemstone that withstands high temperature and pressure is reborn as a jewel, those who have endured hardships are now stronger and uniquely shining than anyone else.

From left | Jihoon's leather jacket is from Saint Laurent, pants are from Army, shoes are from NI, and earrings are from Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist. Doyoung’s knit top, pants, and shoes are all Ferragamo products. So Jung-hwan's leather jacket and shoes are from Saint Laurent, the pants are from Army, and the sleeveless is from the stylist's collection. Junkyu's blazer and pants are from Balenciaga by 10 Corso Como Seoul, and the shoes are from Balenciaga. The bomber jacket worn by Jaehyuk Yoon is from Celine, the pants are from Saint Laurent, the shoes are from Enfant Riche d'Eprime, and the sleeveless is from the stylist's collection.


<W Korea> You grew your hair long. You got the nickname ‘Terius’ and the response was enthusiastic. The process of growing a long hair style is arduous. Was it okay?

I wanted to show a new side of So Jung-hwan. I've started growing it during her tour, and since I was able to slightly cover my eyes, people responded that I'm mature and sexy. So I kept raising it. There are some inconveniences. It really tickles (laughs). I can't see clearly when I dances. I tried tying my hair and pinning it in place, but somehow it came undone.

<W Korea> There are many fans who look forward to the acrobatic performance that Junghwan showed during his trainee days. I am one of them. 

At the time of Acrobatic Lassen, I had not learned many movements properly. So what I can do now is limited. I want to learn more, but I'm afraid I'll get hurt. It's currently on hold for a while.

<W Korea> When talking about Junghwan, Taekwondo is a keyword that cannot be left out. Did your experience doing Taekwondo when you were young help you in your career as a singer? 

It's definitely advantageous for using your body. My core is also stronger than others. However, the downside was that I danced with moderation, as if I were doing Taekwondo. The strength was good, but it looked stiff, so I tried to create a softer dance line. It took quite a while to break that habit.

<W Korea> How did you get into Taekwondo? 

Following my friend's advice, I went to the dojo and learned for about 5 years from the age of 7 to 12. Taekwondo has two disciplines: sparring and poom. I did Poomsae, and although I won a medal every year, I worried, ‘Is this a path I can continue?’ I quit, enrolled in a practical music academy, auditioned, and ended up here. If I had continued with Taekwondo, I would have reached 5th Dan.

<W Korea> Kukkiwon is missing a talented person. Junghwan seems to have grown significantly taller since his debut. He now has a stocky physique and a mature image. Even in the ‘Move’ choreography, the clear abs were noticeable. 

When I exercise, I gain muscle as I do. I have to dance, but I can't be heavy, so right now I'm only doing cardio and abdominal exercises. It hasn’t been long since I started managing my diet. I'm in goat mode right now (laughter). I only ate cabbage today. There is a music broadcast tomorrow.

<W Korea> That's too bad. I heard that Jeonghwan likes it, so he ordered a lot of donuts as a snack today. 

I couldn't eat a single thing. I'm so sorry. I can't help it because I'm on a diet. I have a lot to do with donuts. Thanks to this, I also made the Line Friends character into a donut (laughter). I like a lot of other foods too. I ate tripe as my last supper before dieting. If I make another character in the future, I will make it with tripe (laughs).

<W Korea> What is your favorite time of day? 

When my schedule is over and I'm lying in my dorm and thinking, 'I did well today, but I need to do better tomorrow.' It must be around 1 am. It's not that long. I think briefly and fall asleep right away. I'm really simple. I have very little to worry about.


The blazer, pants, and belt worn by Doyoung are from Dolce & Gabbana.

<W Korea> TREASURE's new unit T5 is currently active. How do you feel? 

It feels like another beginning. The reactions of those around me are slightly different. I was also told that I was ‘handsome’ (laughter). While preparing for T5, I put in a lot of effort to show a more mature side. I worked out hard with the goal of gaining weight.

<W Korea> How long did it take for T5 members to be selected and released into the world? 

It didn't take that long. About a month and a half? I had a really hectic time. I practiced the choreography every day and continued to edit and record. Since there was only one song, ‘Move’, we had to improve its quality. physically What I lacked, I made up for with red ginseng or garlic injections (laughter).

<W Korea> An unusual promotion where the choreography video were released before the MV. The choreography video for ‘Move’ exceeded 10 million views within two days of its release.  

They said it exceeded 20 million views today. I'm proud. Actually, I didn't know that the dance video would be released. If I had known, I wouldn't have worn a T-shirt with a Pokemon on it (laughter).

<W Korea> Doyoung is famous for his soft and delicate dance moves. He said that while practicing ‘Move’, he learned how to relax in the choreography and finely control the strength and weakness. 

I felt it when filming the MV. It was actually too much to wear a suit and put emphasis on my eyes. So I practiced being more relaxed than usual. I looked back and forth like I was looking at a mirror in the bathroom and thought, ‘You look good today,’ and calmly brushed my hair (laughter).

<W Korea> I think he's already calm and mature enough. 

I guess it's because I've been a trainee since I was young. I was always the youngest before my debut. I think I grew up quickly after seeing my older brothers who were more mature. Nowadays, people say that when things are difficult, they are difficult. As a result, emotional expression has become more abundant.

<W Korea> When is the moment that stimulates Doyoung’s emotions? 

I get emotional when I see the Han River. The Han River in the evening, with the wind, the city's neon signs, and the shining moon, always stimulates my emotions.

<W Korea> Do you have anything to worry about these days? 

I want to give everyone the impression that I have a ‘good body’. I tend to pursue slim, lean muscles so that I don't look dull and agile when dancing. I'm also improving my physical strength. There's still a long way to go. It's just the beginning. This is our first time working as a unit.

<W Korea> Have you grown from a baby's taste buds to an adult's taste buds as your physique has grown? 

Would you say it's the taste of a middle schooler who has grown up a bit? Now I know how to drink coffee. Decaffeinated instead (laughs). But I still can't eat spicy food well. Yukgaejang bowl noodles are okay, but Shin Ramyun is still a bit too much.

<W Korea> He has a cute side. Where does Doyoung stand between cuteness and maturity? Putting it all together, we call it ‘stupid’ (laughter). 

Every time I get asked similar questions like this, I think more. I always find it difficult to define myself as ‘what kind of person I am.’ So, I always introduce myself as an ENTJ, and I want to let people know about my hidden charms through this T5 activity.


Jihoon's blazer, torn denim pants, and shoes are from Dolce & Gabbana.

<W Korea> Following Treasure, he also served as the leader of unit T5. I think the weight and responsibility of being a leader felt great. 

Actually, we didn't directly decide on the leader of T5. Junkyu created a good song, and the members who suited it well came together to form T5. I just created an atmosphere for natural practice. first it was a net activity, I listened to the members’ concerns.

<W Korea>  What kind of person does Jihoon think is a good leader? 

Producing good results through intense effort and process. That's what I think the ideal leader looks like.

<W Korea>  What is the most memorable moment while preparing for T5? 

When I first heard ‘Move’. I am ‘Power J’ (planning type). As soon as I heard the song, I thought, ‘I wish the MV was filmed like this and the choreography was like this. I pictured in my head, ‘I wish someone would take on this part.’

<W Korea>  Not only as a leader, but also as a producer, you look outstanding. 

When I was a trainee, I decided on a song, choreographed it myself, and took an evaluation at the end of the month. Those experiences have accumulated and are manifesting even after debut. It was difficult at the time, but now that I think about it, it is a necessary skill as a singer.

<W Korea>  What is T5 trying to say through ‘Move’? 

If Treasure has had a young, energetic and friendly image so far, we are now trying to show a more mature side. The 2nd full-length album will soon be released with a completely different appearance. If the concept changes suddenly, it can be unfamiliar, so we tried to reduce the sense of heterogeneity of the transformation by giving a taste of it in ‘Move’.

<W Korea>  He is the strongest in the team and is also famous for his muscular body. 

In an interview, I also revealed that I have a body type that easily gains muscle. My father was a career soldier. Maybe that's why, when he was young, he was good at sports, enough to participate in track and field competitions. However, he had no desire to ‘get in shape’, so he tried weight training for the first time as a trainee. I was in good shape back then. But it was heavy. Now I mainly focus on cardio, chest, and abdominal exercises. I feel like I’ll collapse during the concert if I don’t exercise at all (laughs).

<W Korea> Although they are the ‘J’ type, they are also the ‘T’ type, known for their realistic tendencies. Is there an episode that occurred because of T? 

The members may feel that I am a ‘fact bomber.’ Hyunseok is F and I am T. When members consult with us about their concerns, Hyunseok sympathizes and then suggests a solution, but for me, the solution comes first. So, when you are tired and exhausted, you go to Hyunseok, and if you have a problem that needs a solution, you come to me (laughs). But actually, I also have a lot of emotions. There are times when I cry while watching a romantic movie alone at night. However, human Park Jihoon and Treasure Park Jihoon are different.

<W Korea> You seem like an old man. 

There was a time when I was immature and raced forward only, and there is some advice that I remember. ‘If you hold on to something you have because you don’t want to lose it, you won’t be able to hold on to anything else. ‘Sometimes you have to know how to let go and hold on to something else with that hand.’ After that, I'm going to let go of a lot of things.


The knit top, pants, and shoes worn byYoon Jaehyuk are Ferragamo products.

<W Korea> Unit T5's activities and Treasure's 2nd full-length album activities take place within a short period of time. Wasn’t it hard to prepare for the comeback at the same time? 

While preparing for T5, we also recorded a full-length album. Everyone is having a busy time. I think it would be good to think of T5 as the beginning, the intro, of  REBOOT.

<W Korea> What do you think is T5’s unique strength? 

First of all, it is special that we are showing a new side with a new unit, and that all unit members have vocal parts. Talking a lot about visuals, but this is an area where tastes vary greatly depending on the viewer (laughs).

<W Korea>  He is known for being kind to his fans and members, so much so that he is nicknamed ‘Yoon Da-jeong’ and ‘Yoon Sweet’ among his fans. Where does Jaehyuk’s sweetness come from? 

Parents. When I thinks back to my childhood, when my father came home from work, he always brought something like tteokbokki, ice cream, and bungeoppang. Perhaps because I grew up seeing that kind of giving, I also tend to give a lot to my members. I often buy snacks at convenience stores, etc.

<W Korea>  Even these days, when you go to a convenience store, do you first choose jelly and banana milk? 

Me and Banana Milk have a special relationship (laughter). I used to like it a long time ago, but last year I fell out of love with it, but recently I started drinking it again. Last year, I fell in love with chocolate milk. But chocolate milk is too thick. I came back to banana milk. I like fat banana milk (laughs).

<W Korea>  What is your ‘favorite’ snack these days? 

Biyotte. The combination of yogurt and chocolate snacks is good, and it's filling, so it's good as a meal. However, this does not mean that you only eat this. If I have salty snacks, I need something sweet too. I tend to store it at home and eat it. So, if you look at one grocery store, it costs about 100,000 won (laughs).

<W Korea>  It's just a middle position within the team, right? 

Same goes for age. that's right. I'm just the middle age, so I listen to the youngest's struggles and my older brothers' concerns as well. Rather than listening to concerns and solving them directly, I tend to just provide direction. But on the other hand, I don't really talk about myself. I try to solve my problems on my own.

<W Korea> So what is your role at T5? It's just in the middle here too. 

Since T5 has just been formed, I don't have anything specific to do. Oh, I’m in charge of the intro (laughs).

<W Korea> Of course, the introduction is the most important. I will watch you more carefully on stage. What helps Jaehyuk soothe his tiring day these days? 

I fall asleep while listening to the work and writing feedback in my notebook. Take time to think, ‘Let’s fix this next time.’ The important thing here is that you have to listen to music with a headset. If you listen loudly through the speakers, other members of the dorm may wake up (laughs).


Junkyu's striped jacket is from Neon Genesis Oddity, and the sleeveless, pants, and shoes are from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

<W Korea> Through the new song ‘Move’, you have participated in writing and composing lyrics for the first time since my debut. 

I showed a lot of my work to the company. Luckily, ‘Move’ was chosen. Actually, what I made was just a demo, and thanks to the help of the producers, I was able to come out with good quality.

<W Korea> You must be busy with Treasure activities, but you must be very greedy to even be working on a song. 

I have a lot of greed for music. There is a work space in the room. We installed a soundproof booth. So, I can work whenever inspiration strikes. I spend most of my time in a soundproof booth. Even when I rest, I rest there.

<W Korea> What story does ‘Move’ tell? 

The theme was ‘Let’s go out into the world with a new look.’ In the demo, I presented it in my own way, but through the arrangement, YG's color was added. Personally, I’ve wanted to make a song with a sexy concept like ‘Move’ for a long time. I like songs with that kind of dreamy feel, so I think the inspiration kept piling up and then ‘Tap!’ came out.

<W Korea> Where do you usually get musical inspiration or clues? 

I don’t really watch movies or dramas. Instead, I listen to a lot of songs. When I have a favorite artist or song, I listen to it for more than three years. After listening to it for a long time and liking it, it seems to lead to inspiration.

<W Korea> While making music, you probably think a lot about ‘What is good music?’ 

That's right. I hope the lyrics are positive and that the lyrics and melody feel intuitive and not difficult when you listen to them. The first impression at the moment of listening is important, but good music should be able to make the listener understand from the beginning to the end. That's my opinion. There is no right answer in music.

<W Korea> There must be a lot of songs you've worked on so far, right? I wonder how many songs are in Junkyu’s work folder. 

I have been accumulating it for 7 years since my first year in high school. In fact, I have many projects that are embarrassing to call music. I think there are about 300 files, and there are only a handful of songs that I am satisfied with.

<W Korea> When you make a song, do you tend to decide on the title first and then write the lyrics? Do you tend to come up with titles while writing lyrics? 

I usually decide, ‘This should be the title of the song,’ and then make music. If the lyrics or melody in the refrain or repetitive part are interesting, I use that as a title.

<W Korea>  I am also curious about whether Junkyu has changed as a person while writing lyrics and composing music. You went from being a listener to someone who makes music. 

I like it because it looks like a dream. However, I am not as comfortable listening to music as I used to be. I will always looking for something to learn. So these days, I'm just trying to focus on listening.

<W Korea>  What story do you want to talk about next? 

We have to do better than before. I want to continue to improve without being caught up in perfectionism. I have great musical ambitions, but more than anything, I want to be a happy person. Happy music comes from happy people.

credit to: W Korea Magazine 
disclaimer: rough translation

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