Sharul Channa Is Back, and She is Marrying Herself!

Wednesday 24 January 2018

For some Malaysians, Sharul Channa name might be not in your list of comedian but in Singapore she is already a huge star and she already spread laughter at several countries such as Australia, Philippines, China, India and of course, Malaysia. With her title as ‘Singapore’s Only Full-Time Female Stand-Up Comic”, starting her comedian career at open mic event at a Singapore comedy club years ago and Sharul already made memorable history in her life and becoming the first Singaporean comedian selected at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2016. 

Back in her early days, Sharul Channa went to Mumbai to try her luck in acting but she barely speaks Tamil nor Hindi since she has been brought up as Singaporean. The theater director told her to go back to Singapore and build up her own name at her country first despite having diploma in theater and degree in communications. One night her husband, also a stand-up comedian bring some lights to her life when he suggested her to do a stand-up comedy as he did. She didn't hesitate to take the mic and perform on stage for 3 minutes long since people laughing at her is not a big deal at all. She got nothing to lose at that moment. 

From a 3 minutes performance on a club's stage led her to her own solo stand-up show called ‘Pottymouth’ and it deserves the most applause. Although in her first two years as a comedian, she did receive a lot of criticism due to her gender and being surrounded with male comedian, but it didn't stop her to become who she is today. With motivation from Ellen DeGeneres hardship and character, she said to herself that

'You're not only making people laugh. You're also making people realise that you can educate, entertain and stimulate them in ways education can't.'

With the same spirit, success and fame, Sharul Channa will perform her second stand-up comedy special, 'Sharul Weds Sharul' at Malaysia. Spend an hour and half full with laughter of Indian weddings, from couple hashtags to the extensive wedding buffet, from Aunt Sunita to walking around the fire seven times for a  promise of seven lifetimes. Free yourself from burning questions arose from Indian wedding with Sharul's observational comedy. 

To be a part of this madness laughter with Sharul, catch her latest special happening at the Temple Of Fine Arts on the 24th of February. Get your early bird tickets now at Till the 31st of Jan, purchase 2 TICKETS FOR THE PRICE OF 1. See you at the show.


  1. cikyan pon tak pernah kenal sape dia nih.. cantik..sis crita baru akak tau.. nnt la try cari kat youtube..

  2. first time heard about her... hmm, just nice

  3. tula tak berapa kenal..baru tau.

  4. xpernah kenal..tapi ni dah tahu dah psl dia..

  5. gonna starts googling about her now

  6. x kenal dia... dia ni comedian ke?

  7. pernah dengar nama tu tapi x berapa minat tu yg tak tau siapa dia sebenarnya..hee


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