Complimentary Gemilang Channel 100 for all Astro Customers, 21 August - 18 September 2022

Monday 29 August 2022

Astro celebrates Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia with the best Malaysian stories and entertainment of over 150 favourite titles including variety, drama, documentaries, movies, telemovies, short films and kids genres on Gemilang Ch100 across TV, On Demand and Astro GO. The channel is complimentary for all Astro customers from 21 August to 18 September.

1. [PREMIERE] Damak Si Kuba (Telemovie)

Premiere Details: 17 Sep, Sat @ 9pm

A herdsman's son who lost his mother to cancer went through a difficult time when he had to part with his beloved buffalo in order to support his family financially. He tried to find various ways so that his father would not sell his beloved buffalo.

2. [PREMIERE] The Conservationist

Premiere Details:

i. 1 Sep, Thurs @ 9pm

ii. 1, 8, 15 Sep (3 eps only on Gemilang)

The Malaysian rainforests are home to many rare and precious species. But how well do you know them? The exploitation of the forest due to human greed has led to their extinction, depriving our children and grandchildren the chance to see these endangered species. 

There is a group of people in Malaysia who fight to save our wildlife, for their rights to live and to play a role in maintaining the health of the ecosystem.

The Conservationist takes you to the forest and the sea to learn more about the daily life of conservationists; and to document their friendship with the wildlife.

3. [PREMIERE] Malaysia In Their Eyes 

Premiere Details: 

i. 2 Sep, Fri @ 9.30pm 

ii. 2, 9, & 13 Sep (3 eps only on Gemilang)

Malaysia in Their Eyes, hosted by popular hosts Jentzen Lim and Darren Chong, features 8 foreign residents from different countries who will share their slice of life living in Malaysia. Through their eyes, perhaps we can also re-explore the place where we grew up, rediscover the beauty of this land, and reconnect our emotions with this country. 

4. [PREMIERE] Chit Chat Ceria 

Premiere Details:

i. 31 Aug, Wed @ 9pm

ii. 7, 9 & 14 Sep

This Merdeka, see how kids see Malaysia differently from adults through interaction with hosts Alif Satar, Sissy Iman and guests Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi and Michael Ang. 

A talk show program for the kids, and all they have to say about their world around them. Starting with a Malaysian edition, Chit Chat Ceria gets serious about kids through Q&A interviews, reports, challenges and games, as well as invited guest adults. A hilarious and entertaining romp into all-things kids. The Merdeka edition features hosts Alif Satar, Sissy Iman, Keanu Azman, Ara Aziz, Nik Adam Mika and guests Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi, Michael Ang and more.

5. [PREMIERE] PT6210  (Telemovie)

Premiere Details: 31 Aug, Wed @ 10pm

In 1970, at the heights of the racial divide. A Malay young man found himself having to return to his village in Kedah to see of his dying father and there is only one mean that can take him there, and the car is driven by a middle-aged Chinese man.

6. [PREMIERE] Satu Tong (Telemovie)

Premiere Details: 16 Sep, Fri @ 10pm 

Satu Tong is a story about regular Malaysians facing problems that we all can relate to - water supply disruption. This feel good story will remind us of the spirit and generosity of Malaysians.

7. [PREMIERE] AFundi Piring Bulat (Telemovie)

Premiere Details: 10 Sep, Sat @ 9pm
It’s 1996 and Haikal Chong bin Ramlee, son of Muhammad Ramlee and Chong Mee Lan, was captivated by the entertainment offered by Astro. He embarked on a mission to convince his parents to install Astro at home. But his effort was unsuccessful so he had to find other ways to watch the #1 show, Akademi Fantasia.

8. [PREMIERE] Junglemajig (Kids Short Series)

Premiere Details:  22 Aug, Mon @ 5:45pm

The adventures of three kids - AYDEN, a human boy with one pointy ear; OMAR, a shaman-in-training with a cloud on his head; and MARISSA, a young weretiger who cannot control her transformation as they unlock the secrets of the magical creatures in the jungle next to Kampung Kebayan.

9. [PREMIERE] The Dalang’s Tale (Kids Short Film)

Premiere Details: 6 Sep, Tue @ 9:30pm

Two stories intertwined: one of a workaholic father and his growing impatience with his young son as they make their way to watch a shadow puppet master or dalang's show, and the other of a man who dotes on his son but secretly inflicts acts of abuse on his wife before he disappears after a violent incident.

10. [PREMIERE] Kuihpocalypse (Kids Short Film)

Premiere Details: 13 Sep, Tue @ 9pm
When a new bakery becomes more popular than her mother’s shop, Jamiatul competes against new girl Sarah to bake the ultimate kuih and win back all the customers.

11. Framed Memories (Kids Short Film)

Details: 22 Aug, Mon @ 9pm
Set on the eve of Chinese New Year, an old man seeks to reconnect with his estranged son. He reminisces about the past, when his son was a young boy who loved to paint, and their relationship was better, but it all changed after an incident. 

12. The Batik Girl (Kids Short Film)

Details: 31 Aug, Wed @ 9:45pm
A newly orphaned young girl struggles adjusting to living with her grandmother. Her drawings of a girl and a shapeshifter magically come to life within a surreal world of a batik painting and from it, she learns to conquer her fears and embrace her new life.

13. Berbulu Dengan Burn

Details: 29 Aug, Mon @ 9:30pm
A special Merdeka episode with a patriotic themed by Burn.

14. Borak Borak Botak

Details:5 Sep, Mon @ 9:30pm
A special Merdeka episode with a patriotic themed by Abang Botak.

15. Sepahtu Reunion Live 2022: Al Merdeka

Details: 25 Aug, Thu @ 9pm
A special episode to commemorate Malaysia’s 65th year of independence.

16. All Together Now Malaysia Edisi Merdeka

Details: 28 Aug, Sun @ 9pm
The biggest celebrities studded show for Merdeka with 50 celebs representing multi-races across all generations, and 15 celebrity contestants vying for the ATN Merdeka Special trophy. Fans will enjoy the friendly competition between artists like Santesh, Daniel Lee; also let’s not forget our celebrity and special juries like Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, Thanuja, Adeline Tsen and many others who lends their wit to the show. 

17. Rail Payanangal (Telemovie)

Details: 8 Sep, Thu @ 12pm

Sweetha, a young physiotherapist falls in love with her old friend Vijay who is committed to Risha. While all of those takes place, Sweeta’s mother has found a suitable groom for her. Will Sweeta choose to marry Vijay?

18. Otrumaiye Balam - Merdeka Anthology

Details: 2 Sep, Fri @ 12pm

An anthology short film series consisting of 6 interesting stories that happened from 1950 to 2020 with an overarching theme of “Stronger Together” in conjunction of Merdeka Celebration.

19. Borneo Culinary Adventures – Sarawak

Details: 21 Aug, Sun @ 12pm
This food travelogue envisions to discover the sentimental stories behind each delicacy, including the challenges and evolutions across generations in order to conserve the local food culture. More than just a dish per se, these untold stories will definitely bestow a greater meaning on the Sarawakian cuisine.

20. Kampunglympics

Details:16 Sep, Fri @ 9pm

Malaysian celebrities and influencers battle it out in a series of traditional childhood games, set in fictional Kampung Merdeka.

21. 270 min Ke Piala Asia
Details:18 Sep, Sun @ 8pm

Dokumentari Khas perjuangan pasukan Bola Sepak Malaysia untuk melayak ke Piala Asia AFC 2023.

22. Speedy Tigers Ke Piala Dunia

Details: 31 Aug, Wed @ 10pm

Dokumentari tentang cabaran yang dilalu oleh skuad hoki kebangsaan untuk ke Piala Dunia 2023.

Malaysian All-time favourites

1. Ola Bola

Details: 30 Aug, Tue @ 10pm
Inspired by real events, the pride and passion set in the 1970s, a multicultural team of Malaysian football players struggle to overcome personal and collective hardships as a team. Together they create the most triumphant zero to hero story and gain a place at the Olympic Games.

2. The Journey

Details: 31 Aug, Wed @  11pm

A conservative father whose daughter is engaged to a foreigner sets his future son-in-law the task of travelling across Malaysia to deliver wedding invitations.

3. Paskal

Details: 13 Sep, Tue @ 10pm

PASKAL The Movie berkisarkan mengenai kisah kejayaan anggota elit Pasukan Khas Laut (PASKAL), Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia dalam Misi Pengaman PBB di Angola pada 1998 dan misi merampas kapal dagang daripada lanun Somalia di Teluk Aden pada 2011.

4. Polis Evo

Details: 23 Aug, Tue @ 10pm
Rian yang melakukan penyamaran dalam misi khusus pemberantasan mafia pengedaran dadah. Namun, Rian sadar bahawa ada pengkhianat yang selama ini selalu membocorkan rencana polis kepada Riky sang pengedar dadah. 

5. Hantu Kak Limah

Details: 29 Aug, Mon @ 10pm
Hantu Kak Limah merupakan sebuah filem komedi seram Malaysia 2018 yang diarahkan oleh Mamat Khalid. Ia merupakan kesinambungan daripada Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah (2010) dan Husin, Mon dan Jin Pakai Toncit (2013) serta yang ketiga dalam trilogi Hantu Kak Limah.[3] Ia berkisarkan Kak Limah yang baru sahaja berumah tangga, telah ditemui mati dalam keadaan yang mengerikan di dalam kebun.

6. 6 Hari

Details: 25 Aug, Thu @ 12pm

Suzi merupakan isteri ketiga dan dia tinggal bersendirian di banglonya kerana suaminya hanya pulang selang enam hari. Semuanya indah sehinggalah pada suatu hari dia didatangi seseorang dari masa silamnya.


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