Monday, 6 November 2017

Movie Review : Thor Ragnarok

I'm not a fan of superheroes movies but I go watch this because orang belanja. Hihu

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Director : Taika Waititi
Cast : Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson
Genre : Fantasy/Science Fiction, Action
IMDB Rating : 8.2/10
Trailer : 

Judging from the trailer, it looks great with action and fiction so I'm expecting more for that but it turns out to be one of super hilarious comedy movie? Am I missing anything here? Rasanya 2 movie Thor and some of Thor's cameo in Avengers franchise tampilkan Thor yang aggressive, powerful, strong but in this one he looks like a loser. 

His attempt to looks funny and cute is a total failure. Dari awal lagi dah buat lawak bodoh masa dia menyembang dengan Surtur tentang Ragnarok & Asgard akan hancur. & then here comes the Skurge lagi sorang loser out of nowhere ya tuhannn karakter dia lemahnya why exist acah nak prove himself nak pancung kepala orang pun muka nak nangis cari mak. Motif Hela ambil dia jadi orang kanan?

The only thing yang okay dalam movie ni cuma LOKI. Tapi Loki, seriously kalah dengan Doctor Strange? You're God of Destruction for God's sake are you even thousand years old? Really?

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Not only Thor nampak loser without his hammer, even Valkyrie the greatest warrior in Asgard also affected. Mungkin saja nak bagi karakter tu nampak lemah sebab bertarung dengan the greatest HELA. Tapi Hela taklah savage mana pun. Takat rebonding rambut lepastu keraskan balik supaya dapat shape tanduk cenggitu je lah dia. Goddess of Death lewlz sleeping is better than watching this movie. I dont know lah in terms of action this movie fails terribly. Yang mana suka recycle jokes and stupid jokes maybe terhibur lah kot dengan movie ni. 

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I hate science subject so Idk the difference between kekuatan renjatan elektrik dari taser tag dengan kekuatan renjatan elektrik panahan petir kepada tubuh manusia because Thor cannot handle when being electrified with taser tag. He fainted. The God of Thunder fainted. 

And this Korg oh my god why exist?

To spend 2 hours watching this movie is absurd. Better baca komik guys. This movie ain't worth it. 

Eh but I already fall in love with the soundtrack, Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin! It fits perfectly with every scenes in this movie. They got me at aaaahhhhhhhhh! Kbai.

1. Team Production 0, 2. Visual +1, 3. Audio +1, 4. Storyline 0, 5. Casting +1, 6. Genre 0, 7. Themes +1, 8. Editing +1, 9. Social Message 0, 10. Personal Thought 0 = 5.5/10


  1. I wish I could go and a watch movie too. been too busy lately.

  2. Saya baru je tengok, ia lebih kepada aksi komedi. Gelak jugalah dalam beberapa babak tu.

  3. Amer tengok hari first dia keluar! I think I'm going to give it 8/10 sebab tak mencapai apa yang amer expected. But overall was awesome!

  4. Tak tengok lagi filem ini.. I wish i could..

  5. Satu pendapat yang subjektif mengenai movie ini. huhu. Tapi at least kita dapat tahu satu sudut pandangan yang mungkin berbeza dengan pendapat peminat yang lain. GV suka movie ni sebenarnya. hihi. Cmner pun, semoga terhibur kak. hihi. :D


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