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Tiktok | Self-Love and Healing

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Masa scroll TikTok I terjumpa video tentang self-love dan healing so I nak share dan simpan dekat sini sebab tak semua boleh terjumpa video yang sama kan? Credit to the writer and tiktok user for this beautiful sharing.

'When you heal completely, you stop tolerating discomfort. When something is wrong, you recognize that it is wrong and take action to fix it because you've seen what happens when you don't. When you heal completely, you are able to think ahead and rationally consider cause and effect. You recognize that your actions will generate results and if you wanna better control the outcomes of your life, you have to better adjust your habits. 

When you heal completely, you realize that there is nothing more important than being able to enjoy where you are, right here and right now. Whatever obstructions are in the way of you being present and savoring your life are the challenges you have to face because life is quick and it is temporary. What you have now, you could lose tomorrow and gripping it so tightly, binding it up with resistance does not mean it is safer. It means that when the day comes that it passes, as does everything, as does everyone. You will realize you never really enjoyed it.'

Apa yang dikongsi dari novel tersebut sama dengan beberapa quotes dari Friedrich Nietzsche. Bila tengok balik zaman sekolah atau 20-an dulu memang I seorang people pleaser and I guess ramai je daripada kita yang jadi people pleaser for various reasons. 

Disebabkan masalah people pleaser ni I suka butakan mata untuk kesilapan orang macam I terima je kalau kawan gunakan I sampai dia tak hormat masa I untuk study. Ataupun guna barang tanpa izin. Dalam relationships pula I tak kisah dahulukan duit untuk bayar itu ini ataupun dia rendahkan I just because I perempuan. Sampai satu tahap I stress dan rasa tak berguna langsung. 

Nak pulihkan balik diri kita memang ambil masa yang lama sampai kita jadi trauma atau paranoid dan lebih selesa seorang. But once you dah betul-betul pulih dan tahu apa matlamat hidup you, nak buang orang yang toksik dari hidup pun tak kisah dah. My advice from my experience, tak perlu takut pun kalau hilang kawan sebab setiap fasa yang berbeza ataupun baru, you akan kenal lebih ramai orang. Tempoh masa perkenalan tu bukanlah sesuatu yang patut kita raikan tapi kualitinya, peribadinya, manfaatnya hadir dalam hidup kita. 

Hidup sebagai people pleaser ni memang mudah tapi kenapa nak rosakkan diri kita sedangkan banyak lagi benda positif, kebaikan dan kecantikan yang kita boleh jumpa dan dapat dalam hidup. Hidup ni tak lama pun so do take care of yourself. 

15 Quotes From Dear Zindagi Movie

Saturday 31 October 2020

I super love Dear Zindagi movie and I think the quotes from that movie need to be in a separate post because why not, right? Maybe some days in future I will use this quotes to motivates me, to make me understand this life better, to have broader perspectives in every thing happening around me. Or maybe helping you guys too. 

1. On Relationship 

“Why just one special relationship?

One can have many special relationships. Different relationships for different experiences like a special musical relationship - who shares the same interest in music, or a special let's get coffee together relationship - perfect to have coffee with but not anything else, or a special gossip relationship - with whom you can have perfect gossip relationship, or a special intellectual relationship - for all those perfect bookish/intellectual discussions. There are so many different special relationships, so many kind, and this romantic relationship is one of many.

To expect a single relationship to take on the burden of every need is a bit unfair, right?”

2. On Life Partner

When we go to buy chairs we try many before buying one, so then what is the problem in looking for options while selecting a life partner? Try to keep our focus away from the rush to find a life partner and enjoy the journey instead.

3. On Future 

Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future.

Don’t forgo a chance of happiness out of past fear.

4. On Life

We are all our own teachers in the School Of Life.

5. On Person

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle … people like me can only help you in finding and connecting the puzzle pieces … but only you can complete the puzzle. So often we look at to other people to solve our problems in and out of relationships. But the only person who can really help you is you

6. Classic But Gold

Albert Einstein had said that … a person is mad when he does the same work everyday … but still expects the result to be different.

7. On Being Genius

In life when you see a pattern or a habit forming … then you should think about that very carefully … genius is about knowing when to stop. A person who has the answer to every question is not a genius … a genius is a person who has the patience to get to every answer.

8. Struggle in Life…is it necessary? 

Sometimes we choose a difficult path only because … we feel that to attain important things we need to choose a difficult path … we think that it’s important to punish ourselves … but why can’t we choose a simple path … what’s wrong with that … especically when we are not ready to face that difficult path

9. On Controlling Your Life

If we don’t take the steering wheel of our life in our own hands … then someone else will sit on the driver’s seat.

10. On Loving Ourselves

When we understand ourselves well enough then it doesn't matter what others understand… nothing at all.

11. On Feelings

As kids when we are sad, our elders tell us not to cry. When we are angry they tell us to smile. They didn’t allow us to express crying, anger and hatred openly, now how can you express love. If you are not able to cry openly ... then how will you laugh openly.

12. To Feel Safe

To feel safe you first need to remove all your fears.

13. On Mental Ilness

If you have a problem with your body, that’s normal…you can tell everyone. But if it’s a problem with our mind then the whole family will go silent.. hush hush hush as if the mind is not the part of your body.

14. On Parenting

'I'm not saying that you should forgive your parents or to stop feeling angry, you do as you wish. But I will say this: try to look them not as the exalted status of parents but as just two regular people who make mistakes as everyone else. As a child, it is hard to understand this.... but as an adult, you can at least try. 

15. Respect

Because you're elder, you don't think that getting respect is everyone's right and sometimes elders should also respect young people. 

My favorite quote is when Dr. Jehangir Khan talks about relationship. It moved me a lot. All this while I thought being in a relationship you have to be the perfect person in our partners’ life but turns out I don’t have to! 

Same goes to friendship, why limit your friendship just for small circle in your life? Is it because you fear of the backstabber or rude mistakes or even respect? Even our small circle will do that but out of love, we tend to forgive over the same mistakes. 

Tell me which is your favorite quote from Dear Zindagi and if you guys have not watch it yet, do visit Netflix okiessss ;)

Koleksi Wallpaper Self-Reminder Cantik

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Life is tough even kadang-kadang kita blame diri kita for something we cannot even control. Nah koleksi self-reminder and motivational quotes supaya you guys rasa positif dan semangat bila tengok wallpaper phone yang comel dan cantik ni. \

Untuk kegunaan wallpaper dan lockscreen smartphone je tau sebab saiz gambar ni semua kecil je. Found this on Indonesian twitter account so kalau quotes dalam bahasa tu mostly bahasa Indonesia. Feel free to use :)