My First Time of Everything

Friday 13 April 2018

Since I was a kid I am terrified to connect with people due to my flaw but neither am I comfortable with being bullied with other kids. Just like everyone else I also wants to stand out for something that I’m great with. To be recognize and be a reference in something that I major the most.

Do I have a pretty face to become a TV star like several of my friends? Nope.

Am I rich and spoilt brats to show off my Luna or decker pencil box or even fancy bags? Also nope.

Neither do I have golden voice nor an athlete to make people cheer and happy with presence .

I am just a loner and my friend just been snitched by somebody else. We become friends because she is my neighbor and her house is the farthest I can go which is on upper level of my house although she never really cared about me. But still I miss her and that is the first heart break I ever felt in my life. It hurts, of course.

Nothing great with being a loner but to not be an invincible in the crowd, I have to do something since luck not in my plate. Effort is the only way.

Start with being smart. It was an easy peasy but not when you’re in first class plus you’re short yet seated at the back of the class. What I did? I shouted so the whole class can hear me. Yes I did. Even I sweat a bit when the whole class turn their heads including my teacher. But I need to do this!

Yet I’ve been laughed at since the answer is Penyodok Sampah but I shouted Cam. Well how can I be blamed for that word when my mom call a dustpan in her dialect. Even until now. And I already grab their attention of course. To be unique in my own way.

The attention I got was priceless. From time to time I work hard to excel in my class and study – teachers mentioning my name and even place their bet for my UPSR! One of my classmates even challenged me to duel with her in spelling bee phew what a happy moments to even remember of.

Not only study, I also want to know what being on stage feels like. I joined a fashion show organized by my school and I am shaking but confidence is everything you have to show them. Well at least I beat my curiosity even if I fail. Being great in NILAM and answering some questions for a contest in front of everyone.

I secure my place so people know me and none can bully me. And yes for that I learn some kicks and jabs. Well thanks for some kung-fu moves from Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s movies I’ve watched back then. Not to mention, WWE. My dad was a huge fan.

He was and forever will be my hero when he taught me to be strong, wise, mature, honest and independent. God bless his soul and may he rest in peace.


  1. I understand you sister! ^^ I ever been there too :') hehe let's just be a strong fighter ok?! heee :D

  2. just try your best and keep fighting.

  3. We only live once, but if we do it right, once is more than enough! Keep

  4. "confidence is everything you have to show them"
    suka phrase yg ni. semoga terus kuat menghadapi hari2 yg mendatang (:

  5. menarik...

    bahasa yang lembut tetapi sentap sentap...

    life must go on

  6. Keep on fighting.. You can do everything when you put your mind on it..


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