Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Say Hi To Teddy

I normally hate teddy bears. Especially Winnie the Pooh. Because back then there's a TV show I'm sorry I don't remember the title but I clearly remember it was TV3 airing a ghost/horror flick series and yes of course Pooh was one of the ghost. A 7 years old kid died because Pooh strangled her to death. And guess whom affected by that? Well, of course, its ME!

Never ever in my life I have crush on any teddy bears and yes of course I loathe Pooh. I'm not even watch the cartoon or buy any product under Pooh's brand or name. And here comes Chucky. I loathe every doll ever existed either. They're not even worth my time. 

But last month walking around Giant figuring out what to buy, my eyes locked at a pile of teddy bears. They're so cute! And my heart just fell on this one! 

He looks sad like a cute sad one. You get what I mean? So I just picked him up and bring him back home. Just like that. 26 years of hatred and here I am sleeping with a teddy giving my life a brand new definition?

Why I did that? I don't know. I just need a new color in my life I bet. And did the bear haunt me or doing a weird stuff? So far, all he did is sitting at a corner and sleeping with me at night giving me the best comfort I want. Of course I feel safe. Of course I feel happy. Of course I'm in love with my teddy. 

Oh oh oh there's an uncle at Giant when I'm about to pay at the cashier counter, smiling at me from afar but his eyes looking at my teddy. When I passed by him, he quickly grab teddy's hand grinning saying he's cute. I thought I was the only adult feeling like that. Pffftt.


  1. Pakai baju ya... saya guna redone... hihi

  2. Dulu hakak pun suka teddy bear Hana, masa zaman anak daralah....sekarang suami jadi Teddy Bear haha...

    Pernahlah jugak dpt hadiah Teddy Bear besar. Masa tu office ada tukar tukar hadiah.

  3. Comelnya baju dia.. Sha suka teddy bear.. Dapat kat anak-anak sha habis dikoreknya isi dalam teddy bear.. Sampai lopong..


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