Sunday, 22 January 2017

Cabaran 25 Hari Blogging #1 : Siapa Saya

Blogwalking hari ni terjumpa Cabaran 25 Hari Blogging dari blog Nuraini Hanis. Terus kucar-kacir nak join sebab dah lama tak update blog ni ;)

So for the first day topic is 'Siapa Saya'

Siapa saya? Saya Farhana Jafri of course u guys know my name but danggg not my story.

Since I haven't properly introduced myself as a part of this blogging site, here I make a quick update of myself. :)

I've started blogging since 2009 and this is my third blog and I really hope this is the last one. Penat lah nak cari networking balik after buat baru. My blog is all about my personal stuff, I mean not my personal life but my view or my thoughts on something. Kalau dulu sembang pasal banyak benda merapu, this time around lebih kepada jadikan blogging sebagai side income & cari networking.

I'm 91's generation so yessss I am older now and currently working at construction company although I'm a BBA (Hons) in Finance and diploma graduate in Islamic Banking. Nope, my work not related at all with business thingy. All about construct and material. Lewlz. I wonder what am I gonna be in next 5 years.

My life is quite a journey so far. Maybe I will be a fashion designer or a lecturer since these two are my dreams but lets see where my life gonna take me.

And oh my blog will have lots of movie review or posts related with Hindustan stuff since I'm a Bollywood lovers. But don't worry ni semua bergantung pada tahap kerajinan dan kelapangan masa. Hewhewhew

Anyway, I really hope my blog will expanding better than before. Have a nice day ahead people :)

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