Monday, 18 December 2017

Goodbye Jonghyun

This news is devastating. Back in 2010, during my campus life whenever I got caught up with stress, I'll watch Korean variety show. I'll listen to Kpop and one of them is SHINEE. And yes my fav is Jonghyun. Not gonna lie its such a heartbreaking moment when he's there making people smile/laugh/happy/away from their problems, drama and stress but he's the one in pain struggle to live but today it all ends.

Tbh minggu ni or I can say bulan ni banyak sangat dapat ask dari strangers talking about depression. Tak boleh hadam lagi Chester bunuh diri sebab depressed and now this? Korea has lost a talented singer, composer, DJ and a heartwarming person. Its hard to believe that he's gone now. 

But to live in depression is hard, to even survive with slavery contract and mad fanatic world is hard. He actually did seek help from doctor for his mental illness tapi doctor cakap tu cuma suara dalam kepala dia je. How can a doctor say that when somebody seeking help from him? Depressed dari kecil lagi nak jadi yang terbaik replace tempat ayah dia jaga mak dengan kakak, doing his best in his career, terpaksa putus cinta sebab fans tak suka [I loathe fanatic and mad crazy fans, its his personal life] and feel not great enough because of mad negative criticism. He's exhausted.

His last letter:

His last picture before he's gone.

He did his best for 10 years now, shining bright like others. Rest in peace, Jonghyun. Thanks for all the great memories and smile you bring :'(

Roses for Jonghyun :'(


  1. Mmg terkejut dgr berita ni....

  2. this is too sad and shocking. i wanna cry. saw the news all over the internet and still cant believe that this is really happening


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